Tracking via Repeated Assessment of Joint E-Cigarette and Tobacco use.


The benefits of switching to e-cigarettes for disease reduction are only realised if people completely abstain from tobacco, however, around half of UK e-cigarette users continue to smoke tobacco. While this dual use behaviour is common, it is poorly understood. This mixed methods study will use N-of-1 methodology and a qualitative interview to help understand each participant’s dual use behaviour and which factors influence it over three months.


The study aims are:

1) To investigate within-person patterns and trajectories of dual use behaviour and how this varies between individuals.

2) To identify within-person predictors of patterns of use.

3) To understand participant perspectives on their dual use behaviour.


The findings will help inform a typology of dual use with situated, person-centred explanations for changes over time. Ultimately, the project will contribute to and guide policy and practice decisions and the development of interventions to support dual users to use e-cigarettes exclusively and avoid smoking relapse.


This project is a partnership between UEA and London South Bank University.


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