UEA’s strategic plan states that

“We will invest in wider student support and advisory services; in particular, addressing issues of mental health, diversity and access to facilities, working in partnership with our students to ensure that we deliver the strongest possible student experience that embraces both prevention and support.”

At the Norwich Medical School, we recognise that students are at the centre of what we do and we are actively seeking ways to ensure that we provide an inclusive, welcoming environment to all our students. This includes taking an active look at different ways of approaching learning, teaching and assessment in higher education, to promote success for all.

Supporting Equality and Diversity in Norwich Medical School Supporting Equality and Diversity in Norwich Medical School

Norwich Medical School is a diverse community that actively promotes a positive and safe experience for all members of our community both educationally and socially. We have zero tolerance of discrimination, harassment or abuse. We expect all students and staff to take personal responsibility for their actions to ensure nothing is said or done to cause harm or distress to students or staff. This includes being mindful of language and behaviour that is unacceptable, offensive and potentially unlawful.

We ask students to come forward if they experience or witness unacceptable language or behaviour from a patient, fellow student or a tutor. We understand that it may not easy to raise concerns or to challenge others. Students are reassured that they will be supported in raising their concerns, that these will be investigated sensitively, while ensuring that their confidentiality is appropriately protected.

Our zero tolerance for such behaviours has also been reinforced to all of our clinical placement providers. We also ensure that all staff involved in teaching on the course have completed training in equality and diversity.

Continual Professional Development and Student Inclusivity Continual Professional Development and Student Inclusivity

At the Norwich Medical School we understand how important it is to engender a climate of student inclusivity. As part of our SEESAW budget, we were delighted to support our Director of Student Support (MED) to attend the NACADA (National Conference on Academic Advising) conference this month. NACADA is a global community for academic advising and the University of Sheffield hosted the international conference in 2017. Please read the feedback from the conference

Proud of what we achieve Proud of what we achieve

We are very proud of our students, our graduates, and our medical degree at the Norwich Medical School. If you want to learn more then watch our short video.