Projects Projects

- In 2017, Professor Matthew Woodcock was awarded an AHRC Leadership Fellowship for his project, 'Accessing the Records of Early English Drama in Norwich, 1540-1642' (2017-2019).  The project will produce a comprehensively revised and expanded edition of the Norwich 1540-1642 volume of the Records of Early English Drama series, and will also lead to the production of an education pack for Schools (based on Elizabeth I's 1578 visit to Norwich) to be designed in conjunction with the Forum Trust, Norwich.   

- Dr Tom Roebuck leads the 'Unlocking the Archive' project, which involves many colleagues in the research group. The aim of the project is to make the Renaissance books held in Norfolk's archives available to a wider audience, through an innovative series of hands-on, creative events. The project's current partners are the Norfolk Heritage Centre and Blickling Estate (part of the National Trust).   

- Dr Rebecca Pinner and Dr Karen Smyth are Co-Directors of the Heritage Lottery Funded project, 'Paston Footprints 600', which aims to recover and make available to the wider public the records and lives of one of Norfolk's greatest families, the Pastons.    

Recent Events Recent Events

During both semesters, we run a regular research seminar, in which we hear papers from leading scholars in the field of medieval and early-modern studies from across the UK.  Here are a few of our recent seminar programmes: 

Spring 2016 Medieval and Early Modern Research Seminar Poster
Autumn 2017 Medieval and Early Modern Research Seminar Poster

In 2018, UEA hosted the International Anchoritic Society Conference.

In 2020, UEA is delighted to be hosting the bi-annual Society for Renaissance Studies Conference.