Research and Engagement Seminar: "Translation Quality" Research and Engagement Seminar: "Translation Quality"

Translation quality is a key concern for both the translation industry and research in Translation Studies, yet there has long been a ‘regrettable gap between theory and practice' (Mason). The past two decades have seen growing pressures on the translation industry with effects for quality (soaring demand, increasingly technical content, pressure to reduce costs). Fortunately, technology and different ways of working increasingly offer novel opportunities to address quality concerns. Academics have also taken a fresh look at how issues of translation quality are being handled in the ‘real world'.

This event aims to start a conversation between researchers on translation quality and the industry (professional translators, clients, users, organisations which rely on translation). It offers an opportunity to understand why the gap between academic and professional communities grew, communicate helpful findings from recent academic work, identify common goals, and determine new directions for research which will have direct practical benefit in future.

Participants will be selected from the translation industry, translation users, research and graduate students with an emerging interest in the field.

The event is hosted by Dr Joanna Drugan (University of East Anglia), whose book on Quality in Professional Translation (Bloomsbury, 2013) reports on how the translation industry currently assesses and improves translation quality. Confirmed panel members are Chris Durban, professional freelance translator and author of The Prosperous Translator (Lulu, 2010), and Prof. Juliane House (Hamburg), whose ground-breaking work on Translation Quality Assessment (Gunter Narr Verlag">, 1977, 1997) is the reference in the field.

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Venue: UEA London

Date: Friday 29 November 2013, 13:00-16:00