Linguistic and Cultural Representations across Media Linguistic and Cultural Representations across Media

Linguistic and Cultural Representations across Media

Conference at the University of East Anglia - Wednesday 29 June - Friday 1 July 2011

Invited Plenary Speakers

Public Roundtable

  • The end of conference Public Roundtable will be chaired by Peter Trudgill (Honorary Professor of Sociolinguistics, UEA)


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About the Conference

The "Cross-cultural Pragmatics at a Crossroads II: Linguistic and Cultural Representations across Media" conference will foster the interdisciplinarity of research into the complex negotiations at cultural and media interfaces, by bringing together scholars at the cutting edge of domains of enquiry with shared concerns but hitherto limited interaction: inter/cross-cultural pragmatics, translation studies, communication studies. 
Proceedings will focus on issues of representation across languages and cultures in a range of contexts (eg the press, television, computer games, cinema, the theatre, museums, the internet), and a range of activities central to the sharing of information and knowledge in a global context: news transfer, multimedia/ screen translation, stage translation/adaptation and the provision of multilingual information generally.

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School of Language and Communication Studies
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