Celebrates the partnership between the University, the local community and communities beyond Celebrates the partnership between the University, the local community and communities beyond


Norwich – City of Interculture celebrates the partnership between the University of East Anglia, its local host community and communities beyond, by bringing together representatives of all parties to share their perspectives on the challenges of communication across and between languages and cultures.

The next Norwich -- City of Interculture will be held in the Forum on Thursday 21 April 2016 & Friday 22 April 2016.


Norwich- City of Interculture I

The School of Language and Communication studies ran the first 'Norwich-City of Interculture' interactive event at the Forum in Norwich in February 2012.

More than 50 free events took place in the Forum over two days, including a comedy show by celebrity guest Arthur Smith, language taster sessions, public lectures, workshops, origami and a display of school artwork. Over 400 people attended the free event, with language taster sessions attracting over 250 people alone.

The aim of the event was to bring together and celebrate the diverse range of people living in Norwich now- a diversity the city has enjoyed for many centuries.

Public talks brought together researchers and leaders of organisations, over two days, with a rich programme:

  • 'Norwich, Virtual Norwich and Kyoto' by Dr Simon Kaner
  • 'Norwich, the Superlative City' by Norwich Heritage, Economic & Regeneration Trust CEO Michael Loveday
  • 'Gypsies and their contributions to the folk revival of the 1960's' by Dr Hazel Marsh
  • 'The Norfolk dialect and Norwich as a multicultural city' by Pr Peter Trudgill
  • 'Intercultural identity and inter-religious dialogue' by Dr Alain Wolf
  • 'No interculturalism please, we're British' by Phil Wood, Advisor to the Council of Europe
  • 'Speaking, thinking and translating' by Dr Luna Filipovic
  • 'Metaphors across cultures' by Pr Andreas Musolff

Workshops allowed the public and specialists to talk about varied topics including 'Subtitling cultures' by Dr Carlos de Pablos-Ortega, 'Intercultural business encounters' by Cristina Alonso Punter, 'Advertising across cultures' by Dr Gabrina Pounds and  'Soap opera in Europe, the Eldorado story' by novelist and scriptwriter Lilie Ferrari.

Interactive panels and creative workshops featured a giant word game 'Crosswords across borders' designed by Claudine Tourniaire.

Students helped in running language taster sessions in Chinese, French, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Spanish, for all ages, which took place in the children's library.


Norwich - City of Interculture II

We returned to the Forum, Norwich on Saturday 11th May 2013 with a series of activities, presentations and music performances to celebrate cultures in our community, with as a highlight, a presentation on Intercultural communication in Norfolk primary education by Leila Khabbazi.

Co-organiser and languages lecturer, of the ARHC funded project, Ilse Renaudie said: "We wanted to give the local community an opportunity to experience communication across cultures. The city and the region offer a wonderful mix of cultures from the past and also the present and understanding how this influences the way we interact is fascinating."

Everyone was able to enjoy hands-on activities for all ages, such as Origami, Manga and traditional Chinese paper cutting workshops, language tasters and a poster and photo exhibition where people could learn about the challenges involved in saying things in different languages. The public was able to learn and practise a wide range of languages with our students and staff. Those languages included Chinese, French, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, Hungarian and American English.

Previous events in the series include Let's Talk (a roundtable event) and the first event of the series at the Forum in 2012

Our Research and Engagement Seminar series is also a key strand of the Norwich - City of Interculture programme.

Contact: i.renaudie@uea.ac.uk