Contemporary Perspectives on International Investment Law Contemporary Perspectives on International Investment Law

Decarbonisation Pathways for Nigeria: Promoting Sustainable Renewable Energy-Related Foreign-Direct Investment

Monday 8 July 2019 / University of East Anglia


UEA Law School’s International Law Research Group is delighted to host a one day workshop on the promotion of foreign direct investment in renewable energy projects in Nigeria.

Nigeria relies mostly on non-renewable energy sources. The natural conditions that are necessary for the production of renewable energy in Nigeria are exceptional but under-developed. Despite its vast energy resources, access to energy remains a problem. Only about 10% in rural areas and 40% of the overall population in Nigeria are connected to the grid. Nigeria’s goal is to increase electricity access to 90% of its population by 2030, and to reach a 30% renewables share by the same year. Heavy investment in renewable energy is therefore required. As stated by authors, the involvement of the private sector in this effort ‘cannot be overemphasised’. Such involvement however, requires appropriate legal and institutional infrastructure. This workshop will assess three complementary areas that are crucial in this respect: international economic law, environmental justice, and dispute settlement. Participants will assess current rules and institutions, will identify shortcomings and determine a collaborative future research agenda.

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