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In May 2011, UEA established a new Centre for Japanese Studies (CJS). Located within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at UEA, the Centre for Japanese Studies leads and coordinates Japan-related teaching and research at the University.

CJS will help students interested in studying about Japan access a wide range of expertise across the University and the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures.

CJS is dedicated to developing a centre of excellence in Japanese studies at UEA, whilst stimulating the highest quality interdisciplinary research on Japan in Norwich.

The centre encourages the study of Japanese Arts, Language and Culture through a wide range of interdisciplinary degrees. Our world-class research networks aim to develop a deeper understanding of Japan and its place in the wider world of the past, present and future.




UEA International Summer School (24 June-21 July 2017)

Now the brochure is out!  A Japanese Studies course titled  'Japan Orientation' is one of 9 exciting courses, which will take place on campus and at the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures by the Norwich Cathedral.  Click Here.    (29.11.2016)


Daiwa Scholarship (Deadline: Thursday 1st December) and

Daiwa Scholarship in Japanese Studies (Deadline: Thursday 26 January)

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An Article on the UEA International Summer School 'Japan Orientation' in the Sainsbury Institute's e-Newsletter

Click Here    (18.11.2016)


Centre for Japanese Studies Newsletter Autumn 2016

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JSPS London Office Newsletter No.49 (May-July 2016)

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Royal Society-JSPS International Exchange Scheme (for 2 year projects)

Deadline for U.K. based researchers: 10 October 2016

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Simon Kaner in Japan

This summer CJS Director Dr Simon Kaner is busy in Japan visiting heritage sites in the Northern Japan with U.K. archaeologists (see NHK Akita News)prior to The 8th World Archaeological Congress, Kyoto. (22.08.2016)


Visit by International University of Health and Welfare

UEA's School of Health Sciences welcomed Mr Takeshi Tokue and a group of 8 nursing and medical science students from Fukuoka.  During the 10 day programme, students visited hospitals and institutions and learnt the differences between U.K. and Japanese health systems.  This programme was organised and lead by Dr Gibson D'Cruz, Associate Tutor.   (22.08.2016)     


World Archaeological Twinning: Grimes Graves in Norfolk - Hoshikuso Obsidian Mining Site in Nagano 

CJS helped with a visit by delegates from Nagawa Town Council and secondary school children, School Day and Family Fun Day. 

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International Summer School 2016     Sat 25 June - Fri 22 July

JAPAN ORIENTATION: An Introduction to the Study of Japan and its Place in the World

This successful programme was supported by the Toshiba International Foundation (TIFO) with scholarships for students from the Visegrad Group (V4) countries. It was taught on campus and at the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures.  For Japan Orientation brochure, click here. For Timetable, click here. For general information on UEA International Summer School, click here.  (26.07.2016)


Ishibashi Scholarship for Graduate Students Majoring in Art History in Japan (01.07.2016)

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Sainsbury Institute-University of Tokyo Summer Programme 9-23 September - Call for Application

SISJAC and Tokyo University Faculty of Letters are organising their 2nd Summer Programme in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in Japan.  Deadline is 7th June.  Read More:    (18.05.2016)


Key Issues in Development Studies 3-9 May 2016 at SI-UK Tokyo Office

Taught in Tokyo by UEA's Dr Lucio Esposito

For more information about the course content, eligibility, cost, registration and deadline dates, please visit the SIUK Education Council webpages here

UEA strengthens links with Japan: Vice-Chancellor and CJS host reception for University of Tokyo and others

The Centre for Japanese Studies hosted a reception in UEA’s Council Chamber to welcome students and staff from the University of Tokyo, Niigata University of Health and Welfare, Ritsumeikan University and Kokugakuin University.   This event marked the first Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures and Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo Winter Programme in British Archaeology and Heritage, organised in association with the Centre for Japanese Studies, and the renewal of an agreement between School of Health Sciences and Niigata University of Health and Welfare.The Vice Chancellor, Professor David Richardson, addressed the guests and other attendees (his speech can be found here), who included Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Dave Petley, members of the University’s International Executive, Japanese language degree students and lecturers, Japanese students currently studying at UEA, Japan-related staff members, and UEA Japan Society and Norwich citizens who are interested in Japan. Comments included: ‘what a great opportunity to meet a lot of people who have studied and are interested in Japan, and are from different parts of Japan’. ‘It is fantastic to have this wonderful relationship between UEA/SISJAC and Japanese universities’. ‘I enjoyed this event a lot and hope we'll have this opportunity again’!. The Centre for Japanese Studies endeavors to arrange one major Japan-related event each semester. For photos click here.  (26.02.2016)

News from Aomori

One of UEA Alumni Ellen Fraser is currently on JET Programme in Aomori Prefecture (Nothern end of Honshu) to teach English at schools.  Recently Ellen has kindly Skyped with UEA students at a Career Central's Global Opportunities Japan Day session.   Please see Ellen's blog!

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