Find a postgraduate internship and boost your employability Find a postgraduate internship and boost your employability

The School of International Development provides support to students to find internships (work placements) with development organisations during their Masters degree.

This optional arrangement allows students to obtain valuable experience with UK, European or International organisations working in the field of community development, environment, health, education, etc.  We maintain a database with details of available internship opportunities and organisations that have previously offered internships etc. and are developing relationships with new organisations all the time. We currently hold the names and addresses of over 50 organisations and are expanding each year.

The student is responsible for identifying and approaching the organisation, plus funding associated costs, and organising the internship. Although the School cannot make any guarantees that internships/placements are found, we work with existing networks and collaborations, including with our alumni, to help students find a placement. The database and associated documentation contains all the relevant information.

DEV Intern Gesa Burchards

Internships normally take place during the dissertation period from May to August, and last from between 1 to 3 months, though longer is possible. Often the student would be expected to complete a report for the host organisation which the School would also like to view (although this is not part of the credited and assessed coursework). The School provides the student with an extension to the dissertation period to enable both the internship and dissertation to be satisfactorily completed. In situations where a work placement lasts more than 3 months, a special case for a dissertation extension can be provided.

In the last few years between 18-30 students pear year availed themselves of this exciting opportunity!

Photo: DEV Masters student Gesa Burchards undertook an internship with the UN-REDD programme (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) in Hanoi, Vietnam.