Rich in local heritage resources Rich in local heritage resources

Since the early Middle Ages, East Anglia has possessed a strong sense of local identity. Even today, in an age of global communications, the region takes justifiable pride in its landscape, architecture and culture.

This unique heritage is the product of many factors: relative isolation from the rest of southern England; the continuous impact of ideas from northern Europe; and distinctive social and agricultural practices which have evolved over the centuries.

East Anglia is exceptionally rich in resources for the study of regional history, environment and archaeology. It is home to some of the country's finest museums, record offices, local historical and photographic collections and archaeological modules. History can also be studied on the ground: a wide variety of buildings, gardens and rural landscapes of outstanding interest and beauty lie within easy reach of UEA.

Norwich, the second city in England before the eighteenth century, is famous for its castle, cathedral and unrivalled treasury of medieval parish churches.