Scholarships & Bursaries currently available Scholarships & Bursaries currently available

Norfolk Record Society’s Prize for Young Researchers

Win a cash prize of £200 for a project using archival research.   Projects may consist of essays, dissertations, other prose pieces, or project packs and collections of documents with appropriate commentaries, so long as it consists of work done from primary archival sources.

Competition for the prize is open to either individuals or groups below the age of 25. 

The award of the cash prize will be made at the Norfolk Record Society’s launch event to mark the publication of the Society’s annual volume, usually held in the autumn, and will also include of a presentation copy of the new volume. 

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Jane Thistlethwaite Arts Travel Bursary

The Centre of East Anglian Studies are pleased to be promoting Friends of Norwich Museum, the Jane Thistlethwaite Arts Travel Bursary for 2014/2015. Jane Thistlethwaite Arts Travel Bursary is valued up to £1,000 and is available to all UEA ARTS PGR students, both EU and international students, in any year of their study.


To be eligible, applicants research must have an East Anglian focus or connection that would be enhanced by further academic research requiring travel. The applicant must demonstrate how their proposed travel will support their research.


In order to be considered for this bursary, applications need to be received by 12 January 2015. To apply, please complete an application form, this can be downloaded from a link to the Friends of Norwich Museum Website: Reg. Charity No 311114. 

Please ensure project outline and budget are detailed.

Additional Application Information

  • Please supply a breakdown of costs; include an itemised quotation of expected costs and supply corresponding receipts on completion of project
  • The value of a bursary is up to £1,00 per annum
  • The amount awarded has to be match funded
  • The bursary amount may support 1 – 2 applications per annum as decided by the JTATB Committee
  • The subject research must relate to East Anglia
  • The quality of work must be of a high academic standard
  • As a result of being awarded a Jane Thistlethwaite Arts Travel Bursary, the applicant will be invited after completion of their work, to share their research with an audience selected by FNM and CEAS in a venue agreed by FNM
  • The awarded applicant will be willing to consider other opportunities, if offered by CEAS/FNMm to present their research work

The Jane Thistlethwaite Arts Travel Bursary is open to all staff and volunteers of Norwich Museum Service and PHD students at UEA. There is no age or experience limitation. The decision of the committee is final. Failure to produce work, receipts or presentation, will result in withdrawal of funding, which is paid on completion of research project.

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The Raymond and Claire Frostick Award

The Raymond and Claire Frostick Award shall be granted to a student studying for a Taught or Research Masters course offered by the School of History, primarily relating to East Anglia and study under the Centre of East Anglian Studies. Applications are submitted to the panel in January in the form of a budget outline and 500 word proposal for the research project with successful applicants being notified in February.