January 2020 January 2020

“Narrative Healthcare– Is it time we taught poetry and prose to all healthcare students?”      Christie Watson, bestselling author of the "Language of Kindness".



December 2019 Zarnie Khadjesari December 2019 Zarnie Khadjesari

"Implementing Digital Interventions: my 13 year journey" .  Zarnie Khadjesari, Senior Lecturer in Health Promotion, School of Health Sciences, UEA.


13 November. Jurgen Grotz 13 November. Jurgen Grotz

"Volunteering in health and social care - the potential, the challenge".  Dr Jurgen Grotz, Director of the Institute for Volunteering Research, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UEA.   View slides

29 October. Katie McGhee 29 October. Katie McGhee

"Intuitive Eating: empowering children and young people to develop healthy relationships with food and their bodies"

Katie McGhee, Senior Lecturer in Child Health Nursing & Deputy Director of Education, School of Health Sciences, presenting her proposal for research activity that shifts the emphasis from weight to wellbeing in the prevention and management of childhood obesity.