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We welcome inquiries from prospective postgraduate research students and collaborators. For more information on our current research activities, contact Suzanna Dell.

Current research projects listed alphabetically:

Accelerometry-based evaluation of a relationship between repetitive head impacts and changes in cognitive-sensorimotor functions and structural brain anatomy in soccer players (KONTAKTS). Contact Leif Johannsen

Acceptance and commitment therapy for dementia care: iACT4CARERS

Accessing and delivering person-centred care in advanced non-cancer conditions: developing and piloting a Support Needs Approach for Patients (SNAP) with advanced COPD: SNAP2 Study

The Anticholinergics, Benzodiazepines, Cognition and Dementia Study (ABCD)

An evidence synthesis of holistic services for refractory breathlessness in advanced malignant and non-malignant disease

An innovative method for delivering Functional Strength Training exercises for the Upper Limb – a feasibility study (FestivApp). Contact Kath Mares

Asset-based approaches for stroke survivors with aphasia

Better rehabilitation methods for enhancing movement recovery after stroke to enable independent living - ViaTherapy App Service Evaluation. Contact Nicola Hancock

Care, social support, loneliness, transitions and care preferences of very old people – the Cambridge City over-75s Cohort (CC75C) Study

Carers CARE (Mobile App) to assist dementia carers coping resilience. Contact Kristy Sanderson

Characterisation of dementia carers in Norfolk. Contact Eneida Mioshi

Childhood determinants of Adult Health Cohort Study (CDAH)

Clinical Impact of Apathy in Motor Neurone Disease (CIAMND)

Cognitive, Behavioural and Lifestyle Change in Motor Neurone Disease (CHANGE-MND)

Cognitive Function and Ageing II Dementia Diagnosis Study (CADDY)

Concussion in sport. Contact Michael Grey

Creating Active School Environments (CASE)

Defining outcome measures for acute Charcot neuroarthropathy in diabetes and their use in assessing clinical management. Contact Wendy Hardeman

Dehydration Recognition in our Elders (DRIE)

Dementia Carer Resilience and Social Support Study (CARIS)

Effects of ambulatory oxygen on breathlessness, quality of life and mobility in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Guidance of heart failure management programs by risk assessment. Contact Kristy Sanderson

How should hand swelling be treated? (STRETCH)

Impact of Hand Nerve Disorders (I-HaND)

Implementing PPI in an NHS Research Programme (IMPRESS)

Improving sensory function after carpal tunnel surgery (ImpACTS)

International Children’s Accelerometry Database (ICAD)

Locognosia test – assessing outcome in nerve injuries

Making mindfulness training work for workplaces. Contact Kristy Sanderson

Measuring the impact of negative emotions on function in post-myocardial infarction patients after 12 and 24 months: The ADVENT cohort study. Contact Kristy Sanderson

Medicines Optimisation Group East Anglia (MOG_EA)

MiNDToolkit. Contact Eneida Mioshi

Multimorbidity in the workforce. Contact Kristy Sanderson

Norwich Patellar Instability Score (NPI Score). Contact Toby Smith

Peri-operative Enhanced Recovery hip FracturE Care of paTiEnts with Dementia (PERFECTED)

Physical Activity following Hip and Knee replacement

Predicting response to treatment in carpal tunnel syndrome (PalmS)

Processing of light touch for the control of postural stability during standing and walking in balance-impaired patients (LITPAC). Contact Leif Johannsen

Promoting the uptake of physical activity interventions in the real world. Contact Wendy Hardeman

PRomotion Of Physical activity through structured Education with differing Levels of ongoing Support for people at high risk of type 2 diabetes (PROPELS)

Rapid assessment of corticospinal neuroplasticity. Contact Michael Grey

Realising the potential of workplace health promotion: improving health and work outcomes through a better understanding of program reach, effectiveness and sustainability. Contact Kristy Sanderson

Relevance of current models of workplace mental health promotion and prevention to mangers and senior leaders in different industry settings (PI). Contact Kristy Sanderson

Robotic light touch support during locomotion in balance impaired humans (ROLITOS). Contact Leif Johannsen

Scalable physical activity interventions to promote health and well-being in the community. Contact Wendy Hardeman

Systematic review of cost-of-illness studies of multimorbidity

A systematic review of workplace-delivered mindfulness intervention studies

The demenTia Research And Care Clinic (TRACC)

Understanding and managing everyday task performance in dementia (TASKed)

Understanding the needs of dementia family carers (iCARE)

Walking with Ease UK - a community-based walking trial

Working with SElf-hElp groups for caregivers in rural Kenya (SEEK)

The Z-drugs in Dementia Study (ZED)


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