World leading research in film, television and media World leading research in film, television and media

As one of the world's leading centres for the study of film, television and related media, the primary focus of our research is on ‘the popular', in modern and historical contexts.
Our research staff and students are driven by an interest in the circuit of popular media activity from production to reception, in how media products emerge, circulate and operate at a textual level. Our focus on the popular enhances and challenges existing scholarship, explores the process of historical change and discourses of power, and engages with media producers and consumers.
With expertise ranging from British film and television to Feminist media studies, we have a vibrant research environment, supporting an active community of research staff and students. The focus of our research in recent years can be summarised in the following areas:
Since 2008, our researchers have successfully received grants totalling over £1.4 million, including work with Anglia Television and the East Anglian Film Archive, as well as Arts and Humanities Research Council awards for work on Japanese cinema and media and British television comedy. This funding has enabled us to develop our work across a range of projects with exciting and measurable outcomes. The impact of our work includes a focus on non-academic environments, with contribution to policy debates, cultural life and public discourse, as well as influence on the working practises of commercial media companies.

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