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PDF Author Year Title
  Abdul-Rahman, H. 1998 Considering the implementation of environmental management systems in Bahrain and the future of ISO 14000
  Acevedo Portilla, L. 2002 A Best Practice Plastics Recycling Scheme for Norwich
  Adams, J. 1998 A Study of the Consideration of Alternatives in the Environmental Impact Assessment Process With Specific Reference to Denmark and the United Kingdom
  Adams, K.T. 1997 Visual Impact Assessment within the Environmental Assessment Process
PDF Adenaiya, A. 2015 A critical evaluation of Ecological Impact Assessment in Nigerian Environmental Impact Statement
PDF Adepetun, A.S. 2010 The Consideration of Health in Strategic Environmental Assessment in England
  Aguilar Cardona, C. 2002 Comparison between UK and Mexico Governments' Projects to Encourage ISO 14000 Certification in SME's
PDF Aidoo, R. 2005 Waste management in offices: a case study of the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital
  Aiyub, K. 2000 Environmental Performance Evaluation in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) certified to ISO 14001 in the United Kingdom
PDF Akpowowo, A. 2010 Does a Change in Kerbside Collection Scheme Have an Effect on Waste Generation, Recycling and Behaviour of Householders in Sedgemoor District Council?
  Aldridge, K. 1995 Cultural Heritage and Environmental Impact Assessment
  Alexander, J. 2002 An Investigation into Environmental Supply Chain Management practices of Small to Medium Sized Enterprises
PDF Aljohani, F. 2010 An Evaluation of Educated People’s Perception on Climate Change in King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  Allathan, E. 1996 Environmental Audit: Decommissioning Gas Platforms
PDF Allen, O. 2010 Reviewing the consideration of health issues in SEA/SA in England: limitations, opportunities and recommendations
  Altus, M. 1999 An Investigation into the Impacts of Integrating Environmental Management Systems with Quality Systems and Health and Safety Systems. Including a Case Study at Volvo Car UK Ltd
  Anastasiou, M. 2002 An Evaluation of Perceptions of Barriers to the Utilisation of Crop Biomass as a Source of Renewable Energy
  Anderson, P. 2001 An Investigation into the Management of Freight Transport in Environmental Management Systems
  Ando, Y. 2005 Global application of environmental management systems in multinational corporations: lessons from Japanese firms
  Andreoudi, M. 2001 An evaluation of the environmental impacts of chemicals and waste management regimes in the printing industry: a case study of Jarrold Printing Ltd
  Andrews, S. 1997 Environmental Management Systems: An Examination of Preliminary Review Quality and Study of the Nature of Risk
PDF Aplesiasfika, H. 2009 A feasibility study of the installation of a roof mounted micro wind turbine at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
  Askew, S. 2003 An assessment of the quality of environmental management systems in the European pulp and paper industry
PDF Astudillo Hernandez, M. 2007 Human health impacts and environmental impact assessment
  Auduc, H. 1998 The Effectiveness of Environmental Statements for the Protection of the Environment
  Ba, Sha 2008 Public Perception of GM Crops in Norwich
  Badr, E.A. 2001 A quality review of water resources within the environmental impact assessment process
PDF Banks, C. 2004 Developing a multi-layered carbon assessment model for transport
PDF Barreiro Trigos, O. 2007 An investigation of green supply chain management in the construction industry in the UK
  Battaglino, C. 2001 Energy from waste incineration: a viable option for a sustainable waste strategy?
PDF Bayliss-Brown, G. 2012 Adding value to monitoring: the impact of offshore wind farm developments on benthic organisms and sediments in the Eastern Irish Sea
PDF Becerril Tinoco, C. 2007 The consideration of socio-economic, health and cultural heritage issues in environmental impact statements
  Beebe, A. 2004 An analysis of the Green Box recycling scheme in Norwich
  Begolli, Baton 2002 Comparison of independent and municipal public utility service provision in post conflict Kosova
PDF Belavari, C. 2006 Corporate environmental reporting in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry: developing a best practice framework and study of recent practice in Hungary and the United Kingdom
  Bell, J. 2001 ISO14001 and SME's: an investigation into the achievement and interpretation of continual improvement and present environmental management practices
PDF Bendall, E. 2005 Sustainable waste management: trade waste the issue
  Benoit, C. 1998 Environmental Procedures on Port Developments
  Bertilsson, S. 2000 An Assessment of the Perception and Sustainability of Internet Distribution Methods, using Data Gathered from the Tesco Direct Home Shopping Service
PDF Bevan, J.P. 2009 Determining significance in environmental impact assessment: A review of impacts upon the socio-economic and water environments
PDF Bhagtani, Neha 2008 A Better Tool for Environmental Decision Making: Comparing MCDA with CBA
PDF Birchall, R. 2005 Is BS8555 an effective route to achieving a recognised environmental management system
  Blackman, P.B. 1998 A review of the ecological impacts from highway development, from 1988-1997
  Blair, A. 2002 The Development of a Sustainable Tourism Strategy for the Accommodation Sector of Norfolk County
PDF Blake, S.J. 2009 The BS8555 environmental management system in small and medium sized enterprises: How effective is it for the environment and business?
  Blincoe, C. 2003 Evaluating the role of non-statutory organisations in EIA
  Bloss, A. 1997 A Study into the use of Strategic Environmental Assessment in Transport, Incorporating a Case Study of the Isle of Wight
  Bond, D. 1997 A Study of the Adoption of the EC Eco-Management and Audit Scheme in Relation to the Implementation of the Objectives of Sustainable Development Embraced in Local Agenda 21
  Booth, R. 2002 A Cost and Benefits Analysis of the Environmental Impacts of Short Rotation Coppicing: with particular reference to plantings in less favoured agricultural areas and on contaminated land
  Boss, S. 2002 Renewable Electricity: An Evaluation of the Government's Policy Framework
  Botetzagias, I. 1997 The Environmental Impact Assessment Practice in Greece: Reviewing the Acheloos’ Diversion Environmental Impact Statement
  Boyland, D.T. 1998 Environmental Effects Resulting From the Discharge of Produced Water From Offshore Gas Condensate Platforms in the North Sea
  Brandwood, S. 2002 Succeeding with internal communication: developing guidance to initiate a communication strategy for an Environmental Management System
PDF Brettell, R. 2013 Source apportionment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediment cores from the Humber estuary using molecular distribution
  Broomfield, L. 1999 A Framework for Recording the Ecological Characteristics of a Site Over Time That Will Aid Environmental Assessment
  Brown, F. 2000 Could strategic environmental assessment be an effective tool in the effort to assess cumulative impacts on salmon & sea trout stocks and their recreational fisheries, with a case study of South Wales & the Severn Vale
PDF Bryant-Whitby, R. 2015 Does environmental stewardship impact the number of woody species in hedgerows?
  Burns, J.C. 2004 An investigation of the consideration of human health within the development plan process in light of the pending requirements of the SEA Directive 2001/42/EC
  Burr, P. 2000 Initial Environmental review of Norwich Prison with ISO14001 Sector Application Guidelines
PDF Burwood, A. 2004 Prioritising site biodiversity management in multi-site organisations: establishing and testing a good practice screening method based upon assessment of the potential biodiversity value of sites
  Byrne, E. 1997 Development of Sector Application Guidelines for the Frozen Food Industry using Birds Eye Wall’s, Lowestoft as a Case Study
PDF Cameron, M. 2003 An evaluation of the potential contribution of post-monitoring and auditing within the EIA for river restoration and rehabilitation projects
  Carter, S. 2002 Widening the scope: socio-economic impacts in EIA and project appraisal
  Cashmore, M.A. 1997 The Environmental Assessment of Water Resource Development Scenarios in Groundwater Dominated Rivers: An Examination of Methodologies to predict and Evaluate the Ecological and Aesthetic impacts of a Reduction in Baseflow
PDF Cass, Bernadette 2008 How Appropriate are Local Authority Sustainability Indicators?
  Chamberlain, K.A. 1998 Incineration Facilities – Is Environmental Impact Assessment an Appropriate Decision Making Tool to Assist the Planning Process?
PDF Chambers, T. 2004 Environmental assessment of a 'mass tourism' package holiday and a 'responsible tourism' package holiday, using life cycle assessment and ecological footprint analysis
  Chanter A. 1998 Improving the Framework of Assessment for North Sea Gas Installations With the Aid of a Case Study
  Chao, P. 2003 Environmental evaluation criteria for the banking sector investment.
  Chapman, M. 2000 Assessment of the Quality of Impact Predictions for their Suitability to Subsequent Post-Audit:- A Comparison of Developments Prescribing to Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning (Assessment of Environmental Effects) Regulations 1988 Statutory Instrument No. 1199
  Chatterton, T. 1997 Strategic Environmental Assessment and Environmental Policy Coordination with local Authorities
  Chatzilampou, P. 1998 An investigation on how the omission of policies from the Draft Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) may affect its implementation and effectiveness in Greece, using an illustrated case study of the lignite industry
PDF Chen, B. 2004 ISO 14001, EMAS, or BS 8555: an assessment of the environmental management systems for UK businesses
PDF Chen, X. 2012 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Five Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems (MSWMS): A Case Study of Nanjing, China
  Cherry, J. 1999 A Study of the Future Supply of Aggregates in the United Kingdom from a Sustainable Point of View
  Chevroulet, T. 1995 Impact of Road Traffic on the Environment in a Historical City: Valuation and Alternatives for Norwich
  Choi, A. 2002 GIS-based Modelling of Home Composting Behaviour in Costessey, South Norfolk
  Chourchouli, A. 1999 ISO14001: To What Extent the Implementation of the Standard has affected Organisations Stance with Regard to Energy Use Issues in the UK
  Chrisandini 1997 Monetary Valuation of Environmental Impacts - With Case Study of a Large Scale Agricultural Development in Central Kalimanton, Indonesia
  Christoforidis, E. 2000 Variations in Public Participation in Recycling: A Case Study in Peterborough, England
  Christophe C. 1999 Assessing the efficiency of a Plastic Recycling Scheme: A Case Study of South Norfolk Council
  Christophilopoulos, E. 2000 The Quality of Environmental Statements in Greece
  Church, C. 2002 An investigation of how to move beyond an ‘ISO 14001 dictated EMS’ and towards a ‘sustainability-oriented EMS’ within a government context
  Clarke, Paula M.B 2008 The Variation of Sustainability Appraisal Objectives and Indicators Across England
PDF Clemente, P 2005 Capacity development for environmental impact assessment - the Spanish public institutions as a case study
  Clint, S. 2001 Integrated management systems: bridging the gap between theory and practice
  Cockrell, P.S. 1998 A multiple methods approach to assess the diversion potential of home composting, a waste minimisation initiative, with a view to composting becoming recognised for recycling credits
PDF Coe, M 2013 Investigation of fen ditch quality in relation to environmental factors at How Hill National Nature Reserve – ordination analysis and management recommendations.
  Cole, A. 1996 The Potential for Renewable Energy technologies Within the Electricity Supply Industry
PDF Cole, P. 2003 Carbon emissions benchmarking for public sector supply chain companies
PDF Coles, S. 2007 Practitioner perspectives on the barriers and constraints to the assessment of socio-economic impacts in EIA
PDF Collier, A. 2003 Waste incineration: an evaluation of Government targets for Energy from Waste
  Compton, A. 1995 A Case Study of Environmental Accounting in the Chemical Industry
  Cook, N. 2000 A comparative review of corporate environmental report scorecards and the creation of criteria to aid the review of reports
  Cooper, M. 1997 A Management Review of the Norfolk Property Services Department of Norfolk County Council with a View to Adoption of the Eco-Management and Auditing Scheme
  Cope, D. 2000 Strategic environmental assessment of the potential offshore wind generation industry in the UK
  Corfield, J. 2001 A review of current environmental management practices in UK local government
  Costelloe, C. 2006 Biodiversity considerations in trade impact assessment: a case study on the European Unions trade sustainability impact assessments
  Cotterell, M. 2000 The development of sector application guidelines for undertaking the initial environmental review for ISO 14001 at a municipal landfill site
  Cox, P. 1999 Valuing Biodiversity in the Local Landscape
  Craighill, A.L. 1994 A comparative study of the use of recycled materials with virgin raw materials using life-cycle assessment
  Cranthorne, Jessica J. 2008 Managed Realignment of the Norfolk Coast: Public Perception and Participation
  Crawley, K. 2003 Improving the quality of the non-technical summary in the UK
  Critten, S. 2000 The Use of a Strategic Management Framework Based on SEA Focussed on Improving Integration, Consultation, Communication and Co-operation in Current UK Air Quality Management
  Cupit, M. 1994 An examination of the influence of educational group on an individual's perception of risk using psychometric modelling techniques
  Crooks, R. 1996 Environmental Impact Assessment in Trinidad & Tobago
  Custard, M. 2002 A Study of the Quality and Effectiveness of the Communications of Energy Efficient Policy and Advice to Schools from Government and Non-Governmental organisations: A Norfolk Lea Case Study
PDF Dackombe, S. 2003 Constructing Best Practice guidance for implementation of a ‘Joint’ EMS: Serco placement at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
PDF Dadd, M. 2007 Carbon footprint assessment using life cycle thinking of a material recycling facility (MRF): NEWS' MRF as case study
PDF Dallmeier, L. 2003 Constructing a CSR best practice framework: interactive research at SERCO plc (Norwich)
  David, G. 2001 The impact of commercial carp fisheries on nature conservation
PDF Davidson, B. 2007 Do hairdressers really matter? Research into the carbon emissions from SMEs to assess whether they are a significant contributor to the overall GHG emissions from businesses and what ability they have to reduce their emissions
  Davidson, P. 1996 An Investigation into the Future Prospects of the Proposed International Environmental Management System Standard, ISO 14001
  Davies, D. 2004 Local Strategic Partnerships: new rhetoric poured into old bottles?
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  Davies, M.G. 1995 Quantification of the impact of removing sewage effluent from the Almond River, Scotland
PDF Davies, N.J. 2004 Research into the contribution of workplace travel plans to overall travel reduction and the applicability of current workplace travel plan evaluation methodologies
  Davis, M. 2003 An investigation of the use of risk assessment within environmental impact assessment
PDF Dawson , M. 2006 How effective is the implementation of BS8555 and support available to SMEs; lessons learned from northern Irish SMEs
  Day, A. 2000 The Evolution of the North Norfolk Coastline in the Context of Holocene Sea-Level Change, Its Future Implications and the Use and Application of Strategic Environmental Assessment in its Management
  Day, M. 2001 An evaluation of Peterborough City Council's trial recycling scheme as a method to achieve national recycling targets
  de Cogan, N.A. 1997 A Review of the Extent to Which Humans Should be Considered in Environmental Impact Assessment
PDF Diaz Redondo, M. 2003 Social impact assessment for river restoration: a more sustainable perspective
  Dicks, C. 2001 The baseline status of Best Practice in Environmental Performance within higher education institutions
  Dikigoropulou, N. 2001 The application of strategic environmental assessment in the Cyprus tourism sector: overcoming the limitations
  Diwell, G. 2001 An investigation into the design of Best Practice Guidelines with regards to enhancing and maintaining employee motivation towards the ISO 14001 Standard, with small to medium-sized enterprises
PDF Dladla, I. 2007 Motivations and drivers for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to develop and implement ISO 14001 certified environmental management systems (EMS): the case of the manufacturing and service sectors in the UK
  Do, T.T.H. 2006 Examine the relevance of organic labels from the consumers' viewpoint (case study Norwich , UK )
  Donaldson, H. 2004 A review of risk-based approaches to regulation: a comparative case-study of waste regulation in England and Wales, and the Netherlands
  Downer, J. 2002 A Tale of two Strategies: Procurement and Sustainable Waste Management at the Union of UEA Students
  Drewett, A. 2000 Is EIA Effectively Aiding in the Protection of Hedgerows as Ecologically and Culturally Significant Assets of the Countryside?
  Dunn, A. 2006 An investigation into the challenges of achieving the Århus Convention requirement of early and effective participation: learning from experience
  Durkota, J. 2005 Impact of abandoned mine drainage reclamation on diatom and benthic invertebrate communities in the Afan Catchment, South Wales
  Ebdon, J. 1997 Environmental Management Systems in the SME: Including Considerations of the Applicability to New Start-Ups and a Case Study of the Eco-Tech Centre, Swaffham, Norfolk
PDF Ecclestone, B 2012 Identifying and quantifying long-term agricultural carbon storage in the UK
  Edmondson, P. 1995 A Management Strategy for the River Wye Corridor, Hereford
  Edwards, D. 1997 An Examination into the Applicability of Using Geographical Information Systems for the Assessment and Management of Landscape Impacts, Using the Mobile Telecommunications Industry as a Case Study
PDF Edwards, E. 2005 An investigation into the coverage of cultural heritage impacts in UK environmental impact assessment
  Edwards, R. 2001 A review of the application of life-cycle assessment (LCA) in ISO 14001 certified companies, and an evaluation of the ISO 14040 series of standards for LCA
PDF El Massoudi, Mohamed 2008 Review of Dutch Health Impact Assessments
  Ellis, L. 1996 An Investigation into the Environmental Issues Relating to the Reinstatement of the Lewes-Uckfield Railway, East Sussex
PDF Ellis, T. 2003 Sustainable resource use in the UK construction industry: barriers and recommendations
  Elmberger, G. 1999 The Standard ISO 14031: Investigating the Usefulness of the Standard ISO14031 – Environmental Performance Evaluation, Including a Case Study of Jarrold and Sons Ltd. Retail Division
PDF Emery, M. 2003 Integration of carbon auditing with environmental management systems leading to decarbonisation in transport intensive organisations
PDF Escapa González, C. 2004 Motivations and barriers of implementing an EMS in Spanish organisations
  Evans, Rupert 2008 Motivations and Barriers in the Implementation of Environmental Management Systems Within the UK Construction Industry
  Ewens, K. 1996 An Assessment of the Potential for Applying Monetary Valuation Techniques to Environmental Impacts Identified in an ES Produced for Eastern Electricity on a Proposed 132KV Transmission Line
PDF Fan, Y. 2015 An investigation into the quality of Environmental Impact Statements in China, focusing on air component
  Favus, Tanya 2008 The Suitability for Phytoremediation of a Proposed Contaminated Land Site in Lincolnshire, UK
  Fay, C. 2000 The “ISO-Plus” Approach – Proactive, Sustainably-Orientated, Auditing Techniques to Offer a Pragmatic Resolve for Undertaking A Holistic and Comprehensive Initial Environmental Review (Audit)
  Fellowes, C-L. 1998 A study of public involvement in the Environmental Imapct Assessment Process in the United Kingdom
  Fisher, P. 2003 The use of fluctuating asymmetry in Common Beech (Fagus sylvatica) leaves for pollution phytomonitoring in the Czech Republic
  Fitzgibbon, C. 2000 The ecological component of EIA: a review of statements produced in England between 1998 and 2000
  Fletcher, I. 2005 A study of corporate environmental culture and its influence on environmental awareness in the armed forces
PDF Fookes, J.E. 2006 A study on the effectiveness of the Environment Agency as a statutory stakeholder in the UK strategic environmental assessment process
PDF Forman, C. 2004 Investigation of local resident views and best practice for public involvement in environmental assessment in the UK
  Foster, C. 1999 Airports and Environmental Management Systems: what impacts arise from an airport's operation and how applicable are Environmental Management Systems to the Industry, with an airport case study
  Fothergill, J. 2001 The environmental impacts and attitudes of the British and Irish racehorse industry: towards sector application guidance
PDF Fotiou, V. 2007 Investigating suppliers and supply sub-chains in order to reduce packaging waste: a case study of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
PDF Francois, J. 2003 Carbon auditing – a resource for schools
  Frank, A. 1995 The Use of Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment in Developing Legislation: a Case-Study of the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act
  Freeman, C. 1999 An Examination of Supply Chain Environmental Impact Reduction Initiatives Within EMAS and ISO14001 Registered Companies
PDF Frimpong. A. 2007 Sustainability appraisal frameworks: context specific or recycled guidelines
  Fulton, M. 1997 The Production of Pesticide Profiles - Environmental Information About Pesticides for Farmers and Advisors and its Potential Value
PDF Gallagher, S. 2004 The West Fermanagh and Erne Lakeland Environmentally Sensitive Area: evaluation of factors influencing participation and prospects for reform
  Galliford, J. 2002 Developing and IER Framework that will Support the 'Best Practice' Corporate Implementation of an Environmental Management System within a Local Authority
PDF Games Ochoa, P.Y. 2006 An evaluation of the effectiveness in public participation programs in Mexico
  Garcia Blanco, G. 2003 Risk and environmental management systems: an empirical analysis within ISO14001
  Gatland, A. 2000 Nature and the Growing Threat of Development: Can EIA Play a Role in the Greater Protection of the Wider Countryside?
  Gawande, Aniket 2008 Evaluation of GIS usage in Visual Impact Assessment
PDF Giakos, D. 2004 An investigation into the management of the water component within the environmental management systems
  Giannoulidis, N. 2001 Waste management in the higher education sector: a case study of the University of East Anglia
  Gil González, B. 2000 A Proposed Model for the Integration of Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
  Gilmour, S. 2000 Towards Sustainable Tourism? Environmental Awareness and the use of Environmental Management Systems within the English Hotel Industry
PDF Githinji, W.M. 2006 An evaluation of the use of eco-labelling within the eco-tourism sector
  Goater, N. 2003 Waste management options for carriage waste
  Goldsmith, M. 2005 The effectiveness of environmental management systems in small medium sized enterprises: a case study of vegetation management companies in the rail industry
  Goodwin, C. 2000 An Assessment of the Quality of Environmental Statements Produced under the Offshore Petroleum Production and Pipelines (Assessment of Environmental Effects) Regulations
  Gourlas, G. 1997 Strategic Environmental Assessment in the Greek Physical Planning System
  Green, J. 1997 Strategic Environmental Assessment and the Marine Environment
PDF Gremmenas, A. 2005 A study of the degree of application of strategic environmental assessment and integrated coastal zone management for the promotion of sustainable coastal development in Greece
PDF Griffiths, J. 2015 Barriers to household pro-environmental behaviour: an analysis of the influence of values, situational and psychological variables on food waste caddy use in Norwich
  Griffiths, J. 2003 A review of the scoping phase of ecological impact assessment within environmental imapct assessment
PDF Grimm, A. 2007 The extent to which sustainable urban drainage systems are considered in environmental impact assessment
  Gwilliam, R. 2002 The Integration of Environmental Impact Assessment into Development Control Planning Decisions: the Perspective of English Planning Officers
  Hackett, A. 2007 Can a GIS model using 'affordable' internet based geospatial data and landscape pattern analysis software improve the quality of ecological impact assessment within the resource constraints of an environmental impact assessment
PDF Hall, G. 2003 Stakeholder Consultation: A best practice framework to facilitate the development of integrated waste management strategy
  Halliwell, R. 1997 What is Environmental Due Diligence? A Study of What Due Diligence Entails, its Relation to the Consultancy Market, the Views of Consultants and Industry on How They Perceive Due Diligence
PDF Hamada, Yoko 2008 Reviewing the Treatment of Climate Change in EISs and Estimating Development of the awareness of certain sections of the EIA Community on Climate Change in the UK. “How does climate change influence EIA?”
  Hardy, A. 2004 Consumer perspectives of the Marine Stewardship Council's sustainable fisheries eco-label
PDF Harmer, C. 2005 Is improving the effectiveness of environmental impact assessment in the UK dependent on the use of follow-up? Views of environmental consultants
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PDF Harris, M. 2003 An assessment of environmental management within the Event Industry and formulation of a generic framework environmental management system for large events
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  Henderson, F. 2002 Development of Onshore Wind Farms: A Review of Planning and Energy Policy Issues
PDF Henley, G. 2013 The transition of ecosystem services into impact assessment: perceptions from the oil and gas sector
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  Higham, R. 2002 The Development of a Best practice Model to Assist in the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Environmental Management Clubs
  Hill, J. 1996 The Design of a Reference Technique for Modelling Urban Air Quality in the UK
PDF Hillyer, C.J. 2014 An investigation in to the factors affecting the generation of household waste from households colected by English Waste Collection Authorities (WCAs), as measured by Best Value Performance Indicator 84a
PDF Hitchcock, C. 2014 Using social practice theory to inform transitions to sustainable food purchasing
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PDF Hon, C. 2003 New operational idea for existing industrial estates – implementation of eco-indutrial park concept to water management of existing industrial estates
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PDF Horokou, J. 2004 Potential benefits of an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system as a complementary tool for effective post-decision monitoring
PDF Horth, H. 2006 Assessment of the feasibility of landfill mining in Norfolk
PDF Hounsell, C. 2015 The effect of volcanic ash incorporation, slope and vegetation on soil surface runoff and erodibility characteristics
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PDF Howson, T. 2012 Hydrograph Separation Using Stable Isotopes: An Assessment of Flow Contributions in the Blackwater Catchment
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