Seminar dates and times Seminar dates and times

Unless stated, these take place on a Wednesday at 1pm in the Clayton room.




7 Sept

Diarmuid Torney (Dublin City Uni) Climate politics in small European states: A comparison of climate laws in Ireland and Finland
14 Sept No Seminar Tyndall Assembly
21 Sept Sandra Bogelein (UEA-Tyndall) The social dilemma of climate change mitigation
28 Sept Friederike Otto (University of Oxford) Answering the attribution question while the world is listening - lessons learned and challenges
5 Oct Rachel Warren (UEA-Tyndall) Analysing impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity: from Burning Embers to Cool Refugia
12 Oct Dario Kenner (Anglia Ruskin University) Links between inequality and environment.  For example, carbon footprint of the richest people
19 Oct    
26 Oct No seminar  
2 Nov    
9 Nov    
16 Nov    
23 Nov    
30 Nov No Seminar  
7 Dec    
14 Dec    


Past Seminars

Organiser: Christoph Priebe and Ulysse Pasquier