Seminar dates and times Seminar dates and times

Unless stated, these take place on a Wednesday at 1pm in the Clayton room.


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These seminars will commence again later 2015.

15 April Clayton Room Manoj Joshi (CRU) The land-ocean warming contrast under climate change: why it happens and why it's important
29 April Clayton Room tbc  
6 May Clayton Room cancelled  
13 May Clayton Room Corinne Le Quéré (Tyndall) 

Toward a culture of low-carbon research at UEA?

20 May Clayton Room Susan Conlon (DEV) The interaction of environmental change discourses in the Peruvian Andes - how and why are livelihoods changing in the village of Huashao under the influence of water scarcity discourses?
3 June Clayton Room Viviane Gravey (ENV)

The European Union’s feet of clay: can we still expect the EU to lead on climate and the environment?

10 June Clayton Room Andy Jordan (ENV) The ‘New’ Governance of Climate Change: Paris and the Road Beyond
17 June Clayton Room Nicholas Roxburgh (Leeds) Analysing social impacts of Hurricane Sandy using Twitter data


Past Seminars

Organiser: Brendan Moore and Ellin Lede