Seminar dates and times Seminar dates and times

Unless stated, these take place on a Wednesday at 1pm in the Clayton room.


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These seminars will commence again later 2015.

15 April Clayton Room Manoj Joshi (CRU) The land-ocean warming contrast under climate change: why it happens and why it's important
29 April Clayton Room tbc  
6 May Clayton Room cancelled  
13 May Clayton Room Corinne Le Quéré (Tyndall) 

Toward a culture of low-carbon research at UEA?

20 May Clayton Room Susan Conlon (DEV) The interaction of environmental change discourses in the Peruvian Andes - how and why are livelihoods changing in the village of Huashao under the influence of water scarcity discourses?
3 June Clayton Room Viviane Gravey (ENV)

The European Union’s feet of clay: can we still expect the EU to lead on climate and the environment?

10 June Clayton Room Xiaoying Yang (Tyndall)

Simulations of Hydrological and Nitrogen Pollution Processes of the Upper Huai River Basin, China

17 June Clayton Room Nicholas Roxburgh (Leeds) Analysing social impacts of Hurricane Sandy using Twitter data


Past Seminars

Organiser: Brendan Moore and Ellin Lede