Seminar dates and times Seminar dates and times

Unless stated, these take place on a Wednesday at 1pm in the Clayton room.




7 Sept

Diarmuid Torney (Dublin City Uni) Climate politics in small European states: A comparison of climate laws in Ireland and Finland
14 Sept No Seminar Tyndall Assembly
21 Sept Sandra Bogelein (UEA-Tyndall) The social dilemma of climate change mitigation
28 Sept Friederike Otto (University of Oxford) Answering the attribution question while the world is listening - lessons learned and challenges
5 Oct Rachel Warren (UEA-Tyndall) Analysing impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity: from Burning Embers to Cool Refugia
12 Oct Dario Kenner (Anglia Ruskin University) Carbon Inequality and the Richest 1%
19 Oct Cancelled  
26 Oct No seminar  
2 Nov Agnieszka Latawiec (International Inst of Sustainability, Brazil) Improving land use in Brazil by bridging soil and social sciences
9 Nov Hazel Pettifor (UEA-Tyndall) From 'meta-analysis' to 'better analysis'.  Using empirical data to improve the representation of consumer behaviour in global models
16 Nov Charlie Wilson (UEA -Tyndall) Energy Transitions: Speeds, Characteristics, and the Benefits of Granularity
23 Nov New PhD Students (UEA-Tyndall) Introductions by new Tyndall Centre PhD students
30 Nov Not4Experts: Andrew Kythreotis (Cardiff Uni) Adaptation or Resilience?
7 Dec Felipe Colon Gonzalez (ENV) tbc
14 Dec Peter Gingold (TippingPoint) tbc


Past Seminars

Organiser: Christoph Priebe and Ulysse Pasquier