Weekly Research Seminar on Biogeochemical Processes in Atmosphere and Oceans Weekly Research Seminar on Biogeochemical Processes in Atmosphere and Oceans

 Unless otherwise stated(*), these seminars will take place in the Clayton Seminar Room 01.38 on Monday at 13:00.

Date Speaker Organisation Title
Autumn 2014
22 Sept Patrick Martin Nanyang Technological University Polyphosphate – a key molecule in marine phosphorus cycling?
29 Sept No Seminar  - -
6 Oct

Libby Jones

*11:00, Zicer Seminar Room

University of Groningen Dynamic changes in oceanic carbon dioxide along the West Antartic Peninsula.
6 Oct

Simon Clegg

*13:00, Keith Clayton Room


Modelling the water uptake of the organic component of atmospheric aerosols.
13 Oct Tom Browning University of Oxford Phytoplankton response to volcanic ash fertilisation in the Southern Ocean
20 Oct Sonia Tariq / Andrew Mayes UEA (CHE)

Optical pH sensors for sediment monitoring. (Sonia Tariq)

Microplastics in the marine environment - a physical chemist's perspective. (Dr Andrew Mayes)

27 Oct Oliver Andrews UEA (Tyndall Centre) Fingerprints and drivers of recent changes in oceanic oxygen
3 Nov Sam Allin UEA (ENV) Chlorofluorocarbon isotopologue changes, from firn to stratosphere
10 Nov Mat Evans University of York Modelling tropospheric ozone. Bonds, iodine and uncertainty.
17 Nov Anna Jones British Antarctic Survey The air ice-ocean system, as studied from coastal Antarctica.
24 Nov Hermann Bange GEOMAR - Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel. The ocean as a source of nitrous oxide, methane and dimethyl sulphide.
1 Dec Jonathan Williams Max Planck Institute for Chemistry Atmospheric measurements in a tropical forest and a football match.
8 Dec New PhD students UEA (ENV) Introductory talks
15 Dec Talib Latif National University of Malaysia Variation of surface ozone and particulate matter in the Klang Valley, Malaysia.


Past Seminars

Organisers: Jan Kaiser and Elena Garcia-Martin