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Unless stated, these take place on a Monday at 1pm in Clayton room.

Date Speaker Title
Summer 2014
28 April 2014 Adam Wisher (ENV) The Impact of Biomass Burning on Atmospheric Trace Gases 
5 May 2014 Bank Holiday  
12 May 2014 Ben Mills (University of Exeter) The global weathering process and control of long-term CO2 and O2 levels 
19 May 2014 Oliver Andrews (UEA) Trends and variability in oceanic oxygen 
26 May 2014 Bank Holiday  
2 June 2014 tbc  
9 June 2014 Clare Ostle (ENV) Net Community Production estimated from Volunteer Observing Ships in the North Atlantic 
16 June 2104 Bill Bloss (University of Birmingham) Tropospheric Ozone Formation & Destruction: New measurement approaches to sidestep chemical complexity 
23 June 2014 Emma Leedham (UEA) tbc

Past Seminars

Organisers: Dorothee Bakker and Phil Wilson