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Autumn 2017

Extra Seminar: 12 Sept Daniel Andrade, Ecuador Calibrating seismic instruments for lahar flow quantification: examples from Cotopaxi and Tungurahua (Ecuador)
17 Oct Dr Tasmin O'Connell, Cambridge Light isotopic approaches to past human lives
31 Oct Dr Chris Herbert and Prof Jan Alexander, ENV Tales from Oz - The Burdekin River and tropical cyclone Debbie
7 Nov Dr Marie Edmonds, Cambridge Crustal carbonate and volcanic outgassing
21 Nov Dr Sarah Boulton, Plymouth What can fluvial knickpoints tell us about active faulting? Insights from the Mediterranean region
28 Nov Dr David Wilson, Imperial College Exploring deglacial climate variability through the window of deep-sea coral geochemistry
12 Dec Ms Leticia Martin, Uni of Zaragoza + Ms Bridie Davis, ENV

Phd Presentations:

Leticia: Stable-isotopes in Miocene lacustrine stromatolite lamination (Sierra de Alcubierre, Ebro Basin, Spain)

Bridie: From doming to pyroclastics - what controls the style of volcanism on Ascension Island?

Spring 2018
23 Jan Dr Martin Hurst, Glasgow Using cosmogenic isotopes to constrain the long-term evolution of rocky coasts
Frid, 26 Jan in Zicer 2.03 Prof Nick McCave, Cambridge Calibration of the 'mud current meter' applied to flow of the ACC through Drake Passage/Scotia Sea since the last glacial maximum.
30 Jan Ms Jade Eyles and Mr James Christie, ENV

Phd Presentations:

Jade: Role of accurate earthquake locations for mapping volcanic plumbing.

James: Modelling Long-term Lahar Hazard and Landscape Disturbance on the Island of Montserrat

13 Feb Ms Richmal Paxton and Joshua Jones ENV PhD student presentations. Richmal: Microbes, mud, mucus and minerals: deep-time microbial environments and processes. Josh: Landsliding in Nepal: exploring the role of earthquakes, rivers and roads
27 Feb Prof Julian Andrews Can alluvial fans and speleothems talk turkey over palaeoclimate?
13 Mar Dr Sabine Lengger, Uni Plymouth It’s a microbe’s world: What microbial molecular fossils can tell us about past and future environments