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Apply to attend: Nexus Network Transdisciplinary Methods for Developing Nexus Capabilities Workshop 

University of Sussex, UK on 29-30 June 2015

The Nexus Network invites you to join around 60 people from research, business, policy and civil society organisations, with an expertise and experience of interdisciplinary approaches, to take part in the workshop.

The workshop will consider two key questions:

  • What different kinds and interconnections of method in contrasting contexts, form the most practical basis for enabling transformative action to address Nexus challenges?
  • How can such encompassing Nexus methodologies best enable academic, government, business and civil society actors to develop appropriate skills, training and research capabilities?

Read the workshop provocation paper and see more details on how to apply http://www.thenexusnetwork.org/apply-to-attend-transdisciplinary-methods-for-developing-nexus-capabilities-workshop For more info, contact Dr Ruth Welters r.welters@uea.ac.uk