Weekly seminars covering a range of topics Weekly seminars covering a range of topics

These talks take place on a Tuesday at 1 pm in EFRY 01.05. Note: many of these speakers and talks are provisional and subject to change.




Autumn 2015

20 Oct Anders Wiren (BIO) "What makes a worker work? Molecular mechanisms of caste determination in Bumble bees"
27 Oct Dr Jackie Lighten Can't see the woods for the trees at the MHC: the eco-evolutionary significance of supertypes
3 Nov Agathe Jouet Albugo candida: Jack of all trades, master of all
17 Nov Katharine Kite

Timing is everything - spatial variation in the breeding ecology and dispersal of European shags

24 Nov Dr Peter Buston (Uni of Wollongong, Australia)
Social evolution in coral reef fishes
8 Dec Dr John Burnside Evidence-based evaluation of in situ and ex situ management strategies for the hunted Asian Houbara

Past Seminars

Organiser: James Gilroy