Weekly seminars covering a range of topics Weekly seminars covering a range of topics

These talks take place on a Tuesday at 1 pm in EFRY 01.02. Note: many of these speakers and talks are provisional and subject to change.




Autumn 2014

7 October



14 October

Inigo Everson

Acoustic surveys of Lake Victoria for Nile perch, Peer review as an asset

21 October



28 October

Alicia Mastretta-Yanes

Landscape genomics of Mexican mountains: from gene duplication to Protected Areas conservation policy

4 November



11 November

Philip Saunders (ENV)

Development of a GIS model of habitat suitability for the Vulnerable European roller in western Cyprus

18 November



25 November

Yoav Perlman (ENV)

Body Temperature and Foraging Ecology Interactions in the Nubian Nightjar

2 December

Eleanor Warren-Thomas

Provisional title: Natural rubber plantations in Southeast Asia – anticipating a biodiversity disaster

9 December

Liam Crowther (BIO)

Provisional title: The colonisation of the UK by Bombus hypnorum, a rare window on the dynamics of successful invertebrate populations at large, nested scales. Some preliminary results  

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