Current and forthcoming news and events from with Environmental Sciences Current and forthcoming news and events from with Environmental Sciences

Unleashing Grassroots Innovations for Sustainability

The quest for sustainability’s holy grail will be the subject of a keynote presentation by Gill Seyfang (3S, UEA) at the European Society for Ecological Economics 2015 conference. Her challenge is to find the key to unleashing the transformative potential of grassroots innovations , such as sustainable money, food, energy, housing, transport and food systems, whose achievements and efforts are too often marginalised and unsupported. Drawing on two decades of research...

Expanding rubber plantations ‘catastrophic’ for endangered species in Southeast Asia

Demand for natural rubber fuelled by the tyre industry is threatening protected parts of Southeast Asia - according to research from the University of East Anglia (UEA). Read this full press release

International Ocean Glider Community Workshop

A workshop was held at UEA 5th-7th May 2015 to discuss the science that we can do with ocean gliders.   A link to the programme of talks and posters is given here . Photos of this event can be seen on the ENV Facebook page:  .        

Adapting to climate change will bring new environmental problems

Adapting to climate change could have profound environmental repercussions, according to a new study from the University of East Anglia.   Read more about this article

What’s the meaning of smart? Sociotechnical report

“What’s the meaning of ‘smart’? A study of smart grids” is the title of a report from a recent multidisciplinary study conducted by the Science, Society and Sustainability (3S) Group of the University of East Anglia. The study was conducted to explore what smartness in electricity grids looks like when seen from perspectives other than as a technical solution to the energy trilemma. It included participants from different sectors, ranging across Government, utilities, NGOs, academia,...

New research measures pulse of planet Earth

The University of East Anglia is part of an international research team to use a method, normally employed by heart surgeons, to reveal the pulse of planet Earth.   Read this full article

ENV awarded 3 year grant from IHS

The University of East Anglia School of Environmental Sciences has just been awarded a 3 year grant from  IHS ( ) for 30 licenses for their Kingdom software. The grant is valued at over US$50k. This will enable undergraduate and graduate students, as well as research faculty to carry out seismic reflection interpretation projects using datasets provided by governmental organisations and oil companies. IHS Kingdom is a Microsoft Windows®-based geoscience software...

Vote Now! ENV student Joe Platt in the @guardian One Change competition

Vote for @ueaenv student Joe Platt @chatplatt in the @guardian One Change competition:

Ocean Glider Community Science Workshop 2015

Following from the highly successful ocean glider community workshop at NOC Liverpool in 2013, we are pleased to announce the 2015 workshop at UEA in Norwich on 6th and 7th May 2015. The workshop is intended to get the community together to present and discuss the science that we can do with ocean gliders. Everyone is welcome, especially PhD students and those new to using gliders. Registration is now open at: We hope to...

The importance of water in growing potatoes

Dr Ruth Welters from the Agritech Water Cluster talks to journalist Richard Hollingham and Essex farmer Johnnie Jiggens about the importance of water in growing potatoes