Current and forthcoming news and events from with Environmental Sciences Current and forthcoming news and events from with Environmental Sciences

Thetford timber used on UEA low carbon building

Thetford timber used on UEA low carbon building Bury Free Press (Web), 19/08/14 Sustainable Thetford timber is being used in the new Enterprise Centre being built at UEA. Link

Coastal erosion is a very real threat to some of Norfolk's most vulnerable communities.

Norfolk Magazine (Web), 18/08/14 Coastal erosion could have a massive impact on the Norfolk coastline and is a threat to vulnerable communities. Prof Julian Andrews (ENV) Link

Climate change will make some tropical regions wetter – then dry them out

Some parts of South America are projected to get wetter this century due to climate change, but then dry out again after 2100 as patterns of rainfall shift southwards – according to research involving the University of East Anglia.  Read our full press release at:  

Poles Apart - Two icy environments two different extremes by Polar Explorer Anthony Jinman on 29 July 2014

University of East Anglia, Julian Study Centre, Lecture Theatre on 29th of July 2014 18.30-19.30 Public Talk, everyone welcome! Earlier this year Antony became the 12th Briton to have successfully completed both north and south poles after skiing 730 miles on his own to the South Pole. With 16 expeditions now under his belt into the polar environment, Antony brings his experience into schools through both visits and his work through online live learning. His...

Excellent Teaching in Science, Society and Sustainability

Dr Gill Seyfang’s innovative and creative approach to teaching environmental social science has been recognised with a prestigious University award. Dr Seyfang teaches ‘sustainable consumption’ within the School of Environmental Sciences at UEA, and focuses on how societies and modern lifestyles might adapt to become more environmentally and socially sustainable. She has pioneered an approach to teaching which incorporates theatrical semi-improvised performances to convey key debates in...

Mike Stonard speaks to Matthew Agarwala, Senior Research Associate on the Global Environment at UEA, about Natural Capital

Mike Stonard speaks to Matthew Agarwala, Senior Research Associate on the Global Enviroment at UEA, about Natural Capital ENV researcher Matthew Agarwala speaks to Future Radio’s Mike Stonard about a recently release study of Natural Capital. Matthew is the lead researcher behind the study and is the Senior Research Associate for the Centre for Social and Economic...

UEA wins leadership of European Hub for Global Environmental Research

The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of East Anglia (UEA) has today been awarded the European Hub of Future Earth, a new international initiative to coordinate and support research on environmental change and the challenges of sustainability. The European Hub at UEA will oversee and lead the coordination of research from thousands of scientists and support the design of research with public, private and science funders. The European Hub supports the five global...

A Sense of Energy, 30 Sept - 2 Oct 2014

You are cordially invited to the exhibition About ‘A Sense of Energy’ With support from the ESRC the Cardiff University  Energy Biographies  team and Goldsmiths  Energy and Co-Designing Communities  team have been working collaboratively on new ways to engage the public with academic research into how we use energy. An initial workshop "Developing capacity in multimodal research, community engagement and energy demand reduction" was...

UK National Ecosystem Assessment Follow-on report published

The full UK National Ecosystem Assessment follow-on report was published on Thursday 26 June. It builds on the findings of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (UK NEA), published in 2011 and was commissioned to address the UK Government White Paper on the Natural Environment - ' The Natural Choice: securing the value of nature '. The relationship between natural capital and the wider economy is complex. By mapping the relationships between ecosystem services and major sectors of the...

Natural resources worth more than US$40 trillion must be accounted for

Science Daily (Web), 27/06/2014 Governments and companies must do more to account for their impact and dependence on the natural environment - according to new research by UEA (ENV). Matthew Agarwala (ENV) quoted.  This article can be found at: