Strong links with industry, helping to shape students' futures Strong links with industry, helping to shape students' futures


Environmental Sciences is a degree intrinsically linked to employability and putting theory into practice. The School of Environmental Sciences has well-established links with some of the biggest industry names, which work alongside us in developing our students for graduate employment.


Our graduates have career prospects in areas such as:
  • environmental management and conservation
  • local and central government agencies
  • environmental consultancy
  • weather forecasting
  • government and university research
  • geophysical services
  • the energy sector
  • sustainable resources management, including energy
  • the water industry

Of course, the employment market is very competitive, and we recognise the challenges of the transition to the next step of your career after graduation. Often our students are highly motivated by wanting to make a difference to improve the environment but are uncertain about their career options – of which there is a wide range of opportunities. 

Professional support

The Career Service offers workshops and one-to-one guidance for reflecting on your skills and aspirations and relate these to potential jobs and careers. They also give advice and run invaluable workshops and one-to-one support on finding vacancies and all aspects of the job application process, from how to write effective applications  to  interview techniques and practice.

We liaise closely with UEA Careers Service in organising career events; our students value these events which provide insight into career options and advice from alumni on career pathways and how to be successful. Integral to this are opportunities to network which can lead to Year In Industry placements, other work experience, and graduate employment.  

We work closely with the UEA Career Service to ensure that whilst studying with us you receive advice and information about career opportunities. This better prepares you for a successful transient to employment or further study. 

Gaining a competitive edge 

The School embeds employability skills within all modules ensuring your career and skills development throughout your course.  

It is not only technical skills and subject specific understanding that you will be empowered with, during your course you will develop a rich  array of personal attributes and transferrable skills, such as  effective communication, analysing and solving problems,  organisational skills, and  leadership.   You will develop self-confidence gained from being part of an engaged and intellectual student body mean that you also are well prepared for a careers in non-environmental sectors if you chose. 

We also support and encourage our students in extra-curricular activities such as achieving the UEA Award at Bronze, Silver or Gold level. As work experience is very important for providing graduates with the edge in gaining graduate employment we support our students in gaining valuable work experience through volunteering, academic project work, internships, and the Year In Industry programmes.