Examples of engagement throughout the school Examples of engagement throughout the school

The School of Education and Lifelong Learning is committed to working in partnership to make a difference and transform lives of children and young people in the region we serve.

With a long history of work in initial teacher education (ITE) through our Primary and Secondary PGCE programmes, we make an important contribution to raising standards, to realising the potential of teachers and, in turn, their pupils. We are committed to ongoing professional development through offering a growing range of continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities from short courses through to  Master’s and Doctoral studies.  

We work closely in partnership with regional schools. At the centre of these partnerships sit the following core principles:

  • To keep our focus on the quality of learning for the children and young people whom we serve
  • To develop teachers who are knowledgeable about their subjects, excellent at pedagogy, and who have a passion for teaching
  • To develop teachers who are professional, display integrity and will be outstanding colleagues and future leaders in education
  • To develop imagination and creativity in teachers, as well as in the children and young people they teach
  • To instil teaching with research, so that our teachers are well-informed and can make accurate judgements about what works best in certain contexts
  • To maintain relationships with schools and teachers beyond the initial period, providing continued professional development that leads to Master’s and Doctoral qualifications.

We look forward to maintaining our existing partnerships and to developing even more relationships that are rewarding in the future.


Teacher Education Consultancy                                                         

Being involved in significant international collaborations ensures that we are at the forefront of developments around effective practice in education worldwide. We have a reputation for first class teaching, research excellence and have strong regional partnerships with schools.  We are able to offer a range of consultancy packages, based on experience and expertise in a number of areas including: 

  • Pupil motivation and engagement
  • Managing pupil behaviour
  • Modern language teaching
  • Maths, English, science, PE and history teaching 
  • Practitioner research
  • Assessment practice
  • Lesson study
  • Mental health and wellbeing.  


Contact: Dr Jane English, School Manager

Email: J.English@uea.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)1603 592622