Research Expertise and Interests Research Expertise and Interests

We invite applications on research themes that are among the research expertise and supervisory availability within the school. We encourage prospective applicants to visit the profile of corresponding potential supervisors in the list below and to be informed about our research expertise, interests and current projects.

Applicants are expected to signal in their application the match of their research topic with areas of our expertise. Exceptional applications on educational research outside these areas are also encouraged.

Supervisors  Research Expertise and Interests 
Bartholomew, Kim Motivation in sport, exercise and education
Bates, Agnieszka Education policy; Complexity Theory; educational leadership and management
Beaumont, Lee Health-related policy and practice within the physical education curriculum; the promotion of healthy, active lifestyles in young people; outdoor and adventure education
Biza, Irene The teaching and learning of mathematics at the university and upper secondary level; the pedagogical use of Information Technology (IT); mathematics teachers’ mathematical and pedagogical discourses; and, development and evaluation of teaching and learning resources for statistics education
Boodhoo, Nalini Language teaching - policy & methodology; school effectiveness and improvement; education and development
Dyer, Harry Social media, youth and digital technology, identity online, digital research methodology, digital ethics, actor-network theory, post-structuralism, social media and education
Gordon, John

English, media and literacy education; literary study in education; talk and discussion in education; teacher education; teacher knowledge

Hammond, Simon

Mental health and emotional wellbeing, identity, social capital, social media, digital resilience, digital inclusion, youth and digital technology, marginalised populations (especially young people looked after and people living with dementia and/or cognitive impairments), digital storytelling and digital life story work, digital research methodology, participatory research methods, discourse analysis, thematic analysis.  

Haydn, Terry History Education; use of new technology in teacher education; behaviour and classroom climate
Lebeau, Yann International perspectives on Higher Education academic cultures and institutional learning contexts; the role of Higher Education in patterns of social mobility, the formation of professional and disciplinary cultures in academic communities
Maddox, Bryan

Educational assessment; International large scale assessments, ethnographic methods (including classroom observational methods and video-ethnography), conversation analysis, gesture studies, eye tracking, artificial intelligence.

Nardi, Elena The teaching and learning of mathematics at university level; affect in mathematics; secondary mathematics teachers’ epistemological and pedagogical discourses; and, public perceptions of mathematics/mathematicians and science/scientists 
Norris, Nigel Programme and policy evaluation; curriculum evaluation; professional education and training; educational innovation; curriculum reform; organisational and social change; higher education
Priyadharshini, Esther Youth/childhood studies; schooling and educational interactions; educational futures; youth learning and popular culture; gender and education. Feminism, post-colonialism, post-humanism. Ethnography, qualitative enquiry, speculative and participatory approaches to research. 
Russell, Kate Gender, bodies and sexuality in sport, physical education and school contexts
Robinson-Pant, Anna Education and development (especially educational policy and planning in developing countries); literacy; development education and global citizenship; participation (particularly participation and student voice); gender and education; academic literacy; international students; international dimensions of Higher Education; adult education
Salvi, Ana Ines

Pedagogy of/for autonomy; practitioner research (exploratory practice and teacher research); criticality in education, critical pedagogy/education; arts-informed research methods; appropriate pedagogy/methodology; reflective practice; teacher education and development; pedagogical approaches informed by systemic functional linguistics; appraisal theory and multimodality in text and discourse analysis; genre analysis; intercultural understanding and identity. 

Scholefield, Elizabeth Psychological aspects of pedagogical relationships in Education and Sport; interpersonal perceptions, empathy, expectations, stress, coping techniques and motivation.
Themelis, Spyros Education for social justice and social transformation, educational and socio-economic inequalities,social mobility, social stratification, aspirations, lifechances and education, minority education, Gypsy/Roma/Travellers, critical education/critical pedagogy, social theory, higher education and labour market transition, social movements and youth cultures
Viana, Vander Corpus linguistics, including its application to educational contexts (e.g data-driven learning); academic and/or pedagogic discourse analysis; disciplinary discourses; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL); English for academic purposes; English language education; teacher education, especially in relation to TESOL.
Warburton, Victoria Motivation in sport, exercise and education; motivation and psychology of physical activity and health
Watson, Jan Creative pedagogy and practice in Higher Education, Visual art; visual literacy
Westrup, Rebecca Assessment literacy in Higher Education; student transitions; youth identity; SEN and Chronic Conditions