We work with industry to create opportunities We work with industry to create opportunities

We have a long history of collaboration with external partners through research, collaboration and outreach activities. These partners include industry, government and schools.

By providing consultancy through our own commercialisation company, SYS Consulting Ltd, our partners have access to the expertise within the School of Computing Sciences in a number of technical areas, including graphical modelling, animation, audio processing, computer vision and statistics. We work with companies of all sizes in a range of ways, from straightforward contract consulting through to larger collaborative research projects. We also create our own companies, for example Syrinix, Digisize and SpectralEdge Ltd, based on technologies developed at the School of Computing Sciences.

Spreading the word and helping others to learn is important to us. We deliver a number of short courses to industry each year to help develop knowledge and capacity within businesses and our activities with schools include taster sessions which we run in areas such as computer programming, speech processing and digital animation. Much of our software is freely available to public and professional users online. For example, our 3D visualisation software for medical images has been downloaded more than 15,000 times.