Build on your knowledge Build on your knowledge

We offer a wide range of exciting MSc courses enabling you to specialise in Computing Science or subjects allied to it. Some of the programmes build on knowledge from different disciplines and so we encourage you to refer to our page on Choosing my MSc for further guidance. All our MScs will open up new career paths and improve your employment prospects. Some of our degrees are available as part-time and can be taken by day release from a full-time job.

Postgraduate Scholarships and Funding Postgraduate Scholarships and Funding

If you’re a current undergraduate student at UEA who wants to pursue postgraduate study with us, we can offer you 10% and 50% scholarships. Discover why it pays to get a first

If you’re generally looking to apply for postgraduate study at our pioneering British university, there’s scholarship and funding options available to you now. Explore School-specific funding options

Find out more at one of our Postgraduate Events - sign up for an open day or one of our lunchtime sessions, or simply visit us for a campus tour. 

If the course you are looking for is not listed above please contact our admissions team on +44 (0)1603 591515.  Alternatively please try using our course search.