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School of Chemistry – Visiting Speakers

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Fri 9th November
(JSC 3.02, 14:00-15:00)
Dr Andrew Dicks – University of Toronto
‘Undergraduate & Graduate Research-Motivated Laboratory Renewal’
RSC Education Award

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Wed 21st November
(Queens 1.03, 13:00-14:00)
Prof. Anne Duhme-Klair – University of York
‘Iron on the move: using siderophores to deliver antimicrobials and catalysts’

Wed 28th November
(JSC 3.02, 13:00-14:00)
Prof. Paul O’Shea – Lancaster University
‘The Biomolecular Interactome; from biophysics to precision medicine (and back again)’

Wed 5th December
(Queens 1.03; 11:00-12:00)
Prof. Klaas Wynne – University of Glasgow
RSC Chemical Dynamics Award
Title - TBC

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Wed 23rd January
(LT4; 13:00-14:00)
Dr Louise Natrajan – University of Manchester
‘Multiphoton and upconversion from f-element containing complexes’

Wed 30th January
(EFRY 1.05; 13:00-14:00)
Dr Allister Crow – University of Warwick
‘ABC Transporters: far more diverse than your textbook told you’

Wed 27th February
(TSPC LT; 13:00-16:00)
Dr Alex Clark – Imperial College London
Title - TBC
Dr Graham Newton – University of Nottingham
‘Organic-inorganic hybrid energy materials’
Dr Jordi Bures - University of Manchester
‘Better Understanding for Better Reactions’
(split with a coffee break and followed by a wine reception)

Time and Date TBC
Dr Artem Bakulin – Imperial College London
RSC Marlow Award
Title - TBC

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Wed 6th March
(LT3, 13:00-14:00)
Prof. Richard Taylor – University of York
‘Natural Products to Organic Diversity: Spiro-ing Out of Control!’

Wed 20th March
(LT3, 12:00-13:00)
Prof. Jonathan Clayden – University of Bristol
RSC Tilden Prize
‘Exploiting Molecular Conformation: Reactivity, Relays and Receptors’

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Wed 3rd April
(EFRY 1.08, 13:00-14:00)
Prof. Perdita Barran – University of Manchester
Title - TBC

Wed 17th April
(Queens 1.03, 13:00-14:00)
Prof. Joe Harrity – University of Sheffield
‘New Strategies for the Synthesis of Boronic Acid Derivatives’

Wed 1st May
(LT4, 13:00-14:00)
Dr Susan Quinn – University College Dublin
Title - TBC

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Wed 22nd May – ChemEast Symposium
(Enterprise Centre, 13:00-18:00)
Prof. Jin-Quan Yu – Scripps Research Institute
Prof. Tobias Ritter – Max Planck Institute
Prof. David Leigh – Univesity of Manchester
Prof. Corey Stephenson – Univesity of Michigan
Prof. Nuno Maulide – University of Vienna
Prof. Bartosz Grzybowski – Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
Dr Jenny Hiscock – University of Kent
Final Speaker TBC
(split with a coffee breaks and followed by a wine reception)

Wed 26th June
(Queens, 1.03 13:00-14:00)
Dr Elizaveta Suturina – University of Bath 
Title - TBC

Wed 24th July
(EFRY 1.02; 13:00-14:00)
Prof. Mike Ingleson, University of Edinburgh
Title - TBC