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What is the Science Year in Industry programme?

The Science Year in Industry programme allows students to incorporate a work placement into their chosen degree. This programme is also known as a Sandwich Year or a Placement Year.  This placement typically lasts between 9-12 months and takes place in the 3rd year of a 4 year degree course.  This programme offers employers the opportunity to recruit students keen to apply their subject knowledge and skills to your business needs. Students gain valuable work experience and you benefit from someone who can bring fresh and innovative insight into your projects.  Many students are recruited by their placement provider after graduation - helping you fill your talent pipeline.

UEA currently offers a Year in Industry programme in the Faculty of Science, which includes the following schools:

Biological Sciences Actuarial Sciences
Engineering Chemistry
Computing Sciences Envrionmental Sciences
Mathematics Natural Sciences

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How it works

Year in Industry placements take place between a student’s second and last year and are recognised as part of their degree. During this time the student is employed by the host organisation with the relevant University contact offering support before and during the placement. 

The timing for placements varies between courses. However, in most cases recruitment starts in October, with placements starting from June onwards.  Placements typically last about 12 months, but can be from nine to fourteen months in duration.

  • The Year in Industry programme offers you the opportunity to recruit students keen to apply their knowledge and skills
  • The Year in Industry placement will be assessed according to the School’s criteria
  • The student will be supervised by a Visiting Tutor, who is required to make at least one visit during the placement
  • Faculties offering placements have a dedicated Placement Officer. 

Download our Employers Guide to UEA Placements for more information.

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The benefits

Some of the benefits of taking on a UEA Year in Industry student include:

  • The innovation of UEA students with skills relevant to your business needs
  • A flexible low-cost recruitment solution for up to 12 months
  • The opportunity for your staff to gain experience in supervising or mentoring a student
  • An opportunity to get a head start on recruiting the best new graduates for your company
  • The opportunity to devote time to a project which you have not had the resource to do
  • An enthusiastic and fresh approach to your business needs
  • Specific skills and knowledge that can benefit your business.

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Most employers pay a salary; this amount is up to you and often depends on the sector and location.  The average salary could be anything from £15,000 to £25,000. We understand that some organisations may find paying a salary difficult, especially in the charity sector.  Students can undertake an unpaid placement but we recommend you pay expenses or an allowance wherever possible.

If paying for a student is difficult for you, contact us at to discuss your options.

Key dates

Placements normally start between June and September. We recommend that your recruitment process take place from October the previous year, as many of our keenest students will start looking then. Our students will look for placement opportunities throughout the year, with many finding placements later in the year. 

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