The Futures of The Americas The Futures of The Americas

CANCELLED: The Futures of the Americas Panel Series

In light of the concern relating to COVID-19 and the increased necessity to contain the spread of infection, UEA has taken the decision to cancel The Futures of the Americas panel series.

We place great value on our public events programme and will continue to monitor the situation carefully. We apologise for any inconvenience this will cause, and we very much look forward to bringing you news of future events as soon as possible.

COVID-19: UEA advice for visitors and the general public


Research at UEA digs deeper into the stories underlying the most pressing issues across the contemporary global world. Join us in the heart of the city centre, for a new series of exciting panel discussions exploring the key challenges and hopes for the new futures of the Americas. 


CANCELLED - The Futures of the State:  Rebellion and reaction in the politics of the Americas

28 April 2020 | 6:30pm-8pm (Doors at 6:15pm) | Norwich Castle, Town Close Auditorium

From citizen uprisings to impeachment trials, through populism, religious revival and corruption scandals, the futures of the nation state have never felt so volatile. How are the forces of political rebellion reshaping national identities across the Americas? How might the republics of South America, the US and Canada orient themselves internationally in a globalised future?  

Chair: Prof Sarah Barrow (Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Arts and Humanities, UEA) 

Panellists: Prof Lee Marsden (Politics, UEA), Prof Susan Hodgett (Area Studies, UEA), Dr Kaetan Mistry (American Studies, UEA), Nick Caistor (Literary Translator and Author), Mark MacKinnon (Senior International Correspondent, The Globe and Mail) 


CANCELLED - Future Environments:  Environmental resilience and renewal in the Americas

12 May 2020 | 6:30pm-8pm (Doors at 6:15pm) | Norwich Castle, Town Close Auditorium

From the Dakota pipelines, to the melting ice of Alaska, to the burning of the Amazon and toxic pollution of US ‘National Sacrifice Areas’, the future of the environments of the Americas are our global futures. How are the planetary challenges of a world of finite resources unfolding across Canada, the US and South America? What can we learn from the Americas about resilience, and perhaps renewal, in the face of man-made disasters?   

Chair: Prof Geoff Plank (American Studies, UEA) 

Panellists: Prof Heike Schroeder (International Development, UEA), Dr Matthew Jones (Tyndall Centre, UEA), Prof Karen Jones (University of Kent), Charlie Butt (Caribbean Territories Programme Manager, RSPB) 


CANCELLED - Activism in the Americas:  Resistance and representation across borders

26 May 2020 | 6:30pm-8pm (Doors at 6:15pm) | Norwich Castle, Town Close Auditorium

From #BlackLivesMatter to #MeToo, from debates about hate speech to religious influence to the voices of minorities and marginalised peoples, global activism has reshaped how the personal and social collide.  What can movements for justice and recognition across North and South America tell us about how societal change happens?   

Chair: Dr Jean McNeil (Creative Writing, UEA)

Panellists: Dr Hazel Marsh (Language and Communication Studies, UEA), Dr Nick Grant (American Studies, UEA), Dr Becky Avila (Safe Place for Youth, Los Angeles), LeAndra Nephin (Omaha Tribe of Nebraska) 


CANCELLED - Technological Futures:  The Americas, data and virtual realities

9 June 2020 | 6:30pm-8pm (Doors at 6:15pm) | Norwich Castle, Town Close Auditorium

US technology, data and communications companies have changed how we relate, form groups, and how we share the issues of the contemporary world.  Internationally, developments in virtual reality and artificial intelligence are remaking what it might mean to work, live and be entertained by machines. How are the Americas responding to and shaping our new technological futures? 

Chair: Dr Alison Winch (Film, TV and Media, UEA) 

Panellists: Prof Alfonso Avila-Merino (Norwich Business School, UEA), Dr Lorna Richardson (Digital Humanities, UEA), plus more to be announced 


Free to attend

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