Why study Art History? Why study Art History?

The Department of Art History and World Art Studies teaches advanced skills in analysing, interpreting, researching and writing about works of art and architecture from antiquity to the present. With these skills, students in the History of Art are ideally equipped for further study and for employment in a remarkably wide range of careers in the art world, museums, education and publishing, as well as advertising, design, media, business and law. 

Many of our graduates hold positions in national museums and university departments in Britain and abroad. We place particular emphasis upon the acquisition of transferable skills, so that our students graduate with the high standards of writing, research and presentation required for their future careers. Another benefit of studying with us is that we have former students in many key institutions in the UK and internationally who know the distinctiveness of our degree and the training offered.

We work with staff and the Careers and Employability Service to enable students to recognise and develop their transferable skills; plan their futures strategically; and participate in a wealth of career-linked opportunities such as work placements, trainings, and dedicated events available to them during their time at UEA.

Our Careers and Employability service run an extensive series of events introducing students to careers in the creative industries as well as business and commerce. Alumni speakers are invited from a range of high profile organisations to provide insights into the day to day work within these settings.

Students are coached in networking and creative job hunting and are encouraged to be proactive from the outset in terms of gaining experience and developing the best possible edge in the labour market.




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