Will you champion global voices?

Stories change the world. And so can you.

We'd like to tell you a story. It's one of sensational emerging writers in worldwide communities. Of challenges overcome through determination and drive. And of inspirational individuals, helping to bridge divides through literature.

But this story is yet to be written.

Help establish the International Chair of Creative Writing Global Voices programme

In 2020-21, we invite you to join UEA in celebrating 50 years of creative writing, during which time we’ve become the UK’s most awarded MA programme and seen Norwich become a UNESCO City of Literature. With your support we want to find and raise the next global generation of writers through creating the Global Voices Scholarship programme and International Chairs of Creative Writing.

This exciting new programme will see five Chairs each take on the role for one year, during which time they will lead the way for emerging writers and highlight unheard voices and stories from their regions.

The International Chair of Creative Writing Global Voices programme will also see the creation of 50 international MA scholarships that give the world’s most promising new voices a life-changing opportunity to study at UEA.

Together, a community of supporters will help stories to be written that will engage, inspire and remind us of our common humanity. In short, we aim to change the faces, and voices, of global literature for the next 50 years. Will you join us?

How you can help

Your support could help make the International Chair of Creative Writing Global Voices programme a reality. Will you make a gift today?

If you’d like to find out more, or make a larger gift, contact the Development Office at giving@uea.ac.uk.

'We want to champion voices in communities and areas that haven't had the advantages that others have.' 

Professor Henry Sutton, Director of Creative Writing at UEA