A student's view of Actuarial Sciences A student's view of Actuarial Sciences

Why did you choose to study Actuarial Science at UEA?

I chose to study here for two reasons: firstly UEA teaches Actuarial Sciences in a very professional way, guiding students towards becoming outstanding actuarial professionals and allowing students to gain exposure to the actuarial industry in real life; secondly UEA's campus, facilities, and working environment made it the ideal university for me.

What aspects of your course have you really enjoyed?

Actuarial Science challenges me academically, and I really enjoy working together with my lecturers and seminar leaders who are very friendly, open to questions and always ready to give a helping hand at any time. I also enjoy working with the other students on my course; completing class work together or preparing for tests and exams. It's allowed me to find new friends, whilst also learning to work as part of a team by enjoying being part of a group.

How is Actuarial Sciences helping you reach your goals for the future?

I want to become a fully qualified actuary, which is recognized by the United Kingdom's Institute of Actuaries. It's a qualification that is widely respected as a mark of sound technical expertise, integrity and professionalism, and it also offers me a wealth of opportunity and choice. The degree at UEA provides me with exemptions for up to eight of the professional exams. Moreover the valuable advice I received through the teaching at UEA and the actuaries from Aviva has helped me discover which area of the actuarial profession is really suitable for my academic and personal skills.

How did you find settling into the UEA campus when you first arrived?

Living in a new place with new people can be a daunting process, however the way UEA allocates the accommodation helps students a lot. My flatmates and I helped each other by sharing our experiences; I still remember when we all visited Norwich City for the first time together, discovering the new places and having fun. The rooms were very spacious, with great facilities and ensuite rooms available. The kitchens on campus are shared among roughly eight flat mates; and it's a good place to have a break from studying to and spend time with new friends. I think the UEA campus really helps you adapt to your new student life.

Have you been involved in any sport or societies UEA?

The Sportspark is one of the finest university sports complex in the whole of the UK, and I regularly use its highly equipped gym and the multi-purpose sports hall to play badminton. I also play football there as a member of UEA Football Society, even helping to create a 7-a-side team with my Actuarial Science course mates. I have been an active member in the Actuarial Society since my first year, as well as joining the poker society, the Football Fan's society, Games Society, International Student society and the Islamic Society. They help me discover new thoughts, cultures, traditions and friends that share the same passions as me.

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