Gain invaluable careers skills, training and advice Gain invaluable careers skills, training and advice

Through our Actuarial Science degrees you will gain a variety of invaluable and specific skills that allow you to become fully fledged actuary. You are given the opportunity to gain exemptions from the first eight (CT1-CT8) of the professional examinations set by the Actuarial Profession; meaning that when you decide to join a firm, you are in a great position to swiftly begin qualifying as an Associate or Fellow of the Profession.

As a graduate from UEA, you will have the opportunity to work in whichever sector interests you; commercial business, government, industry, finance, or research. However you may also wish to take the numerous transferable skills you will have developed and apply them to a variety of alternative career paths.

During the course you will be taught by Actuaries at Aviva, which provides an invaluable insight into real applications of actuarial techniques. It also enables you to see the potential career paths and the benefits of becoming a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, through the experiences of staff in one of the largest insurance companies in the world. 

Because of the competitive employment market, we are dedicated to ensuring that all our students receive advice and training as you begin to think about your careers. The UEA Careers and Employability Service supports students, finding out how their skills and qualifications can match potential jobs. They help you develop your interview technique, write a successful curriculum vitae, and provide access to a huge careers information library to ensure you find the right employment for you.

For more information, about a career on becoming an actuary visit the actuarial profession website.

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