Photo Gallery Photo Gallery

Selection of photos kindly provided by Trevor Benbrook - a Student Union photographer allowed exclusive access to UEA gigs from 1979-1982 - all images subject to copyright.

Duran Duran 1980                                      Hazel O Connor 1980               The Undertones 1980

Split Enz 1980                                                     Boomtown Rats 1981

Echo & The Bunnymen 1981        Talk Talk 1981              Killing Joke 1981

Bauhaus 1981                    Teardrop Explodes 1981                             Mari Wilson 1982

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Some of the fantastic photos taken from UEA gigs by Andi Sapey from the past few years; clockwise LtoR Jim Jones Revue, Alt-J, Anna Calvi, Azealia Banks, Bat for Lashes, Coldplay*, Django Django, Eagles of Death Metal, Ed Sheeran, Ella Eyre Feeder and The Guillemots *Coldplay - Live on Radio 1, with Zane Lowe, Greg James and Fern Cotton, the queue for tickets started 3 days before they went on sale. They played to 70,000 people in Madrid the night before Norwich. There was an acoustic lunchtime set in the Blue Bar to 100 winners


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Focal Local Focal Local

Just some of the amazing photos shared by UEA alumnus Mark Hodgson: Gee Mr Tracy, Breaking it Gently, Gudvil, Fire Hydrant and an (unused) photo of the Farmers Boys for the NME - all taken in the 1980s.

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Festival Photo Booth Festival Photo Booth

UEA has witnessed a number of music-related-outdoor-events over the years both on campus and in the nearby grounds of Earlham Park...

1973 - Sports Day was an annual outdoor student music event which, as the years passed by, morphed into what UEA now calls its "Ziggurat Challenge". Any information about Sports Day would be welcomed. In the meantime please enjoy the photos below from our Alumni archive (groovy).

1985 - Anglia for Africa took place in Earlham park and was billed as a "Live Aid" for Norwich. Some familiar UEA Gig History performers appear in the photos below, from Big and Beautiful to The Farmers Boys, Dean Friedman to Hawkwind - eyes right for borrowed footage! The Supremes paid a visit too, by helicopter and Rolls Royce. It's great to see some crowd photos too - all sent in by followers from the @UEAgighistory Twitter feed. 

2015 - BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend

UEA was lucky enough to have a free music festival hosted by BBC Radio 1 on nearby Earlham Park. UEA events staff helped out in the performers' dressing rooms in Earlham Hall (home to UEA's School of Law) and enjoyed the happy vibe. Performers included Slaves, Taylor Swift, Muse, Snoop Dog, Foo Fighters and Florence & The Machine, Charlie XCX. Spot yourself in the crowd? 

Recognise the back view here? Were you at any of the events above? Get in touch!

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Photo Booth Photo Booth

Selection of photos by UEA alumnus Tim Richards - all images subject to copyright

Ian Dury 1978

Pere Ubu 1979

Fairport Convention 1978

Gang of Four 1979

The Cure 1978

The Specials 1979

Wilko Johnson 1979

Footage Footage

Anglia for Africa - Hawkwind 1985

Anglia for Africa - Dean Friedman 1985

Anglia for Africa - Various (incl. The Farmers Boys!) 1985


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