If you wish to learn more about our work, attend any of our open meetings, or join one of our NICHE working groups, please send an email outlining your area of interest to: NICHEAnchor@uea.ac.uk

NICHE Group Members

Professor Sally Hardy
Director of NICHE Anchor Institute,  University of East Anglia
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Email: S.Hardy@uea.ac.uk


Professor Jonathan Webster
Professor of Practice Development, University of East Anglia
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Email: J.Webster@uea.ac.uk


Liane Ward
Programme Manager, University of East Anglia
Email: liane.ward@uea.ac.uk


Paula Pearce
Project Administrator, University of East Anglia
Email: P.Pearce@uea.ac.uk



Professor Kenda Crozier

Dean of the School of Health Sciences,  University of East Anglia
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Email: K.Crozier@uea.ac.uk


Dr Rebekah Hill
Associate Professor in Adult Nursing, University of East Anglia
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Email: Rebekah.Hill@uea.ac.uk


Professor Niall Broomfield
Professor of Clinical Psychology,  University of East Anglia
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Dr Sarahjane Jones
Interim Associate Dean - Research & Innovation, Staffordshire University
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Email: sarahjane.jones@staffs.ac.uk


Professor Alison Leary
Professor of healthcare & workforce modelling, London South Bank University
Email: alisonleary@yahoo.com


Rene Gray 
NICHE Embedded Research Fellow
Professional Lead for Physiotherapy, James Paget University Hospital
Email: rene.gray@jpaget.nhs.uk


Anca Manea 
NICHE Embedded Research Fellow
Community Learning Disabilities Nurse, Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust
Email: anca.manea2@nchc.nhs.uk


Bonnie Teague 
NICHE Embedded Research Fellow
Head of Research, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
Email: bonnie.teague@nsft.nhs.uk


Alice Dean
NICHE Embedded Research Fellow
Clinical Project Manager, Norfolk Hospice
Email: alice.dean@norfolkhospice.org.uk