Tuition fees are payable for most courses.  For advice on which fees apply to individual students please email the Fees Officer


Tuition fees are due and payable as detailed on the invoice that will be issued shortly after registration.  There are payment instalment programmes available.  In the event that you leave your course part way through the year an adjustment will be made to your fees invoice in accordance with our fee liability dates.


Notice on Annual Fee Increases

Please note that tuition fees increase annually for all students (Home/EU undergraduate fees, whose rates are regulated by the UK government, will be amended in line with any alteration advised by the UK government). The fee rates listed above are for the most recently published year of entry only. The maximum increase will be 4% or RPI-X whichever is the higher. RPI-X is the Retail Prices Index excluding mortgage interest.


Why Do Fees Increase Annually?

The fees rise each year to allow for a combination of factors, and the rise will not necessarily be the same as the rate of inflation. This is because inflation is just one of many factors considered when setting the UEA's annual fee policy.

If students choose to defer entry then the initial tuition fee will be that which applies to their actual first year of registration and you should note that this may be more than 4% higher than for the original year of entry.


What does my tuition fee cover?

Tuition fees cover the provision of tuition and first attempts for each assessment. They also cover compulsory elements of courses. 

They do not generally cover text books, printing undertaken by students, stationery, personal IT equipment, accommodation or food, nursery fees, medical and dental fees (except where these are covered by the NHS), travel costs to campus and also whilst on placements (except where specifically advised by Schools or Faculties).