There are no prescribed areas of study for a postgraduate degree by research. The choice of what to study, and how to do so, is yours.

Any law-based subject will be considered, as long as there are enough members of academic staff who could supervise this topic. Students are supervised by a team of at least two members of staff with expertise in their area and feedback and guidance are regularly provided. You should refer to the School's research pages which give further details on individual research and supervisory interests. 

You can find out about the range of research currently being undertaken by our academic staff here and you can discover the sort of research our PhD students are currently engaged in here. Members of academic staff are pleased to be approached by prospective PhD candidates about the kinds of research they can supervise. Contact our academics if you wish to chat further. Applications would be welcomed in any area where we have the supervisory capacity and would be particularly welcomed in areas of key strength which we wish to maintain or develop further: commercial law, media, intellectual property and information technology law, competition law, and international law.

Students in competition law will be invited to join the interdisciplinary UEA Centre for Competition Policy. We are also able to support research in most areas of core private law as well as human rights and constitutional law, law of medicine, criminal justice and policing, and EU Law. The following might give a flavor of current PhD research by students in the school, to help you develop a proposal. It is a non-exhaustive list, and of course, you are free to choose whatever research question, and with any methodology, you wish to use:

  • An analysis of post-mortem privacy
  • Fanfiction writers and their understanding of IP law
  • Comparing company shareholder roles in Brazil, Portugal, and the UK
  • Proprietary interests: a contextual analysis
  • Reforming Nigeria's commercial arbitration laws
  • Protest in ASEAN hybrid regimes
  • Remedies for psychological harm in aviation.