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We know the recent news about final exams may have left some of your pupils uncertain about their transition into university. The Preparing for University MOOC is designed to ease any uncertainties by equipping your students with the skills for university learning before they get there, so they can be on the front foot for their studies. It's relevant for anyone moving from level 3 study to university, whichever university they're planning to go to. 

We're running a webinar to give you an introduction to the MOOC - Dr Harriet Jones will chat through the overall purpose of the course and explain the additional resources we'll be providing. We’ve prepared a week by week session guide that will enable you to facilitate your students’ participation to ensure you they get the most of it. Our guides include expansion questions, further examples and discussion topics. Register for your webinar place today and we'll send through the full details.


Develop key skills before University Develop key skills before University

Higher education is about learning at a higher level: developing skills relating to critical thinking; holding a supported, substantive argument; analysing and using data or sources critically. These are university-level skills but you can work on the foundations of these skills before you get there. Such skills will also help in assessments such as A-levels, BTECs and extended project work, and they are attributes that employers value in graduates.


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What will I learn?

In this course you will explore some key skills needed for success at university. You will hear what university lecturers have to say about skills their students excel at, or struggle with, from undergraduates about areas they have found difficult and some top tips for coping with the university learning environment.

What will I do?

At the end of each week there will be an exercise where you will be self-critical and reflect on your progress. These are such important skills for university because they form the basis of independent learning. Each week you will interact with others on the course, compare progress, help those who might be struggling, gain advice and support if you are struggling, and share your thoughts via discussions.

Students say:

“This course was excellent and well-designed, with good videos, provoking questions and interesting discussions.” - Abigail

“It has been an interesting journey and I'm more ready for furthering my education.” - Lucia

“The course really did prepare me for university.” - Sukhjeet

“I am now looking forward to the new life as a university student and the potential it brings.” - Tate

"Thank you for this excellent course, for your time and effort in preparing a most enjoyable and transforming syllabus.” - Sophie 

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Duration: 6 weeks, 3 hours per week

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