Haven't MOOCed before? It's time to discover what all the fuss is about. And if you have - welcome back to the virtual classroom!


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free online courses that absolutely anyone can do, no matter where they are in the world. UEA currently offers a wide range of MOOCs via our partner FutureLearn. Every MOOC is designed and delivered by UEA academics leading in their field, giving you access to unique, high quality content. Best of all, since you don't need to attend a class, you can easily fit a MOOC around your work and home life. 

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We have a variety of courses based on short, topical modules that cover a range of subjects. Whether you're looking to advance your career, give yourself a head start before university or simply want to learn something new, you'll be able to find a course that suits you. 

Here's a list of our current and recent online university courses and a brief overview of what they cover:

  • Biochemistry: The Molecules of Life - A course designed in conjunction with the Biochemical Society. 
  • An Introduction to Screenwriting - Learn more about this vital part of the filmmaking process, including the language and vocabulary used in screenplays. 
  • Clinical Supervision with Confidence - Develop the skills required to supervise medical trainees, including when to provide feedback and how to raise concerns carefully and tactfully. 
  • Dysphagia: Swallowing Difficulties and Medicines - Enhance your knowledge of treating patients with dysphagia from the causes right through to how best to administer medicines. 
  • Environmental Justice - An exploration of how injustice causes an exacerbates many of the world's environmental problems and what can be done about it. 
  • Identifying Food Fraud - An introduction to to the ways in which modern science is helping to combat fraud in the food industry.
  • Kitchen Chemistry - Explore the principles of chemistry in your own home using common household items.
  • Preparing for University - Apprehensive about attending university or just looking to get a head start? Learn some of the key skills you'll need for university. 
  • MOOC - Study Skills for International Students - Prepare for life at a UK university by learning what skills international students to need succeed in higher education abroad.
  • The Secret Power of Brands - Learn the power of branding and effective marketing from some of the world's biggest brands, including Google and Virgin. 


Your feedback is invaluable to us and will help us to improve our MOOC offerings. If you've taken one of our free courses, please share your learner story with us. Not started a course yet? You may be interested to read what some of our learners have already said about our courses. 


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Preparing for University - 23 January 2017

Dysphagia: Swallowing Difficulties and Medicines - 30th January 2017