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You’ve given back to the world by volunteering in the Peace Corps. Now what? This is your next step. Further your education at the University of East Anglia – a World Top 50 institution!

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Amongst other options, here are some Schools that might resonate with you as a RPCV:

UEA Thinks Without Borders. From Space to Seabed – From the bottom of our oceans to the far reaches of outer space, UEA is making waves.

You volunteered to help with some of the most important global challenges facing society, our research focuses on the same. Our world-class researchers influence policymakers and industry leaders across the globe, with new ideas, knowledge and solutions that have a far-reaching impact. Building on our disciplinary strengths, our interdisciplinary approach, together with our culture of innovation, creates a catalyst for truly pioneering research.

UEA’s Global Engagement Identity

UEA's identity as a world-leading university is founded upon the international scale and relevance of its research. Its research culture evolved from a heritage of interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches, which adapt to face contemporary and global issues. Through our commitment to equitable and sustainable partnerships, we aspire to deliver opportunities and solutions for a changing world. We are committed to developing and promoting forms of research cooperation that bring people, disciplines, ideas, subject-areas, and stakeholders together in a meaningful and inspiring way.

For UEA, global success means engaging responsibly – through research and education – with communities and individuals worldwide to share and develop our respective talents, promote a common understanding, and create opportunities for reciprocity in learning and research.

We engage in high-impact research and consultancy, which addresses the global challenges facing society, influences government policy, and improves the lives of communities worldwide.

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We believe that a global outlook provides the foundation needed to excel as a provider of global education. We foster a global outlook among students, staff and our wider community, building a strong foundation for globally connected research and education within a welcoming, inclusive, culturally diverse and sustainable environment.

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