Hello! I'm Embla and I'm the Student Ambassador for Norway.

I'm from Watford in England which is about 2.5 hours away from Norwich but, due to my heritage, I have had the privilege of growing up experiencing the customs and culture of both Norway and England. I also attended a Folkehøgskole in Norway in 2021-2022 before starting my university life. This year gave me the opportunity to reflect on what and where to study, and I am really pleased with my decision to come to UEA to study politics. Last year, I took a very interesting and facilitating foundation year wherein I learnt about topics related to the field of humanities, which gave me the set of skills and confidence to allow me to continue onto this year, wherein I have now begun the first year of my politics degree.

My favourite thing about Norwich is how much of a student-friendly place it is. The city is within walking distance (about 30-40 minutes) of my accommodation and is such a cosy and characterful place. I enjoy visiting the many different charity shops (thrift stores) around the area to see whatever I can find (a habit I picked up with my friends in Norway). The university campus also has plenty to offer and I especially recommend the visiting bakery, as they have many delicious sweet and savoury snacks which are perfect for picking up after a lecture, but also staying up to date with whatever other special events are going on - for instance, vintage clothes and secondhand book sales.

I also love that UEA has so much green open space and sometimes while walking here you can see rabbits - or even the local visiting cat named Sylvester! I look forward to whatever the rest of my time at UEA will bring, including working with the UEA international team!

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Accepted Qualifications

  • Holders of the Vitnemål for Videregående Opplæring will be considered for direct entry to Bachelor Degree courses. For full details of our Vitnemål requirements and equivalency system please see our information on Vitnemål requirements below.  

  • Those completing an Undergraduate degree will usually be considered for entry onto Masters programmes. For most courses we require equivalent to a UK 2:1.  

    Those completing a Masters degree or with substantial research experience in their degree can be considered for Research degrees (MPhil, PhD).  

  • Vitnemål For Videregående Opplæring  Requirements for 2023 Entry  

    Vitnemål requirements for undergraduate courses are based on the following:  

    • Overall average grade  

    • English Language  

    • Mathematics  

    • Specific subjects  

    Overall average grade:

    A comparison to GCE A-Level requirements is provided for reference.  
















    English language requirements

    We accept Vitnemål in place of IELTS.  Courses considered suitable to meet the English Language requirement include Engelsk, Internasjonal Engelsk, Samfunnsfaglig Engelsk and Engelsk Litteratur og Kultur.  

    IELTS-Vitnemål equivalencies are provided for reference.  














    Applications from students who do not meet the Vitnemål English Language requirements are welcome.  In such cases, we accept a number of other English Language tests.   


    All undergraduate courses include a GCSE Mathematics requirement.  Vitnemål courses considered suitable to meet the GCSE Mathematics requirement include Matematikk Praktisk, Matematikk 1P, Matematikk 1T, Matematikk 2P, Matematikk 2T,  Matematikk X,  Matematikk S1,  Matematikk S2,  Matematikk R1 and Matematikk R2.  

    For GCSE equivalencies, GCSE grade C and B should be taken as achieving a minimum grade of 3 for a course taking 140 hours or more (such as 1T, 1P or Matematikk Praktisk)

    GCSE-Vitnemål equivalencies are provided for reference.  












    Specific subjects

    Some undergraduate courses have additional GCSE or A level subject requirements.  

    Subject Requirement  

    Vitnemål Equivalencies  


    A Level: Engelsk Litteratur og Kultur is considered as an equivalent.  Other subjects which include literary studies or textual analysis may be considered case by case.  


    A Level: Matematikk S1+S2 and Matematikk R1 are considered as equivalents. GCSE: Please see full details above.  


    A level: Sciences at Levels 1+2 are considered as equivalents.  For example, Biologi 1+2 is considered equivalent to A Level Biology.  For undergraduate courses that require an A Level Science but do not specify a particular subject, Vitnemål courses considered as equivalents include Biologi 1+2, Fysikk 1+2, Geofag 1+2, Informasjonsteknologi 1+2, Kjemi 1+2, Matematikk R1, Matematikk S1+S2.  Other Science subjects at Levels 1+2 may be considered case by case. GCSE: Science study at Level 1 is considered as an equivalent.  For example, Kjemi 1 is considered equivalent to GCSE Chemistry.  For undergraduate courses that require a GCSE Science but do not specify a particular subject, Vitnemål courses considered as equivalents include Biologi 1, Fysikk 1, Geofag 1, Informasjonsteknologi 1, Kjemi 1.  Other Science subjects at Level 1 may be considered case by case.  


    A Level: Language study at Levels 1+2 is considered as an equivalent.  For example, Fransk 1+2 is considered equivalent to A Level French. GCSE: Language study at Level 1 is considered as an equivalent.  For example, Spansk 1 is considered equivalent to GCSE Spanish.  

    Other Subjects  

    Other subject equivalencies are typically considered case by case and full consideration is given to all applicants’ academic background.  

  • All applicants to the University of East Anglia must be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of English language before they can be admitted onto any course or programme.

    The below are guidelines only.  Please be sure to check the requirements for your specific course.


    Test Score
    IELTS* 6.0 overall with minimum of 5.5 in each component



    Test Score
    IELTS* 6.0 overall with minimum of 5.5 in only two components and 6.0 in the others


    *We also accept a wide range of other English language qualifications, such as TOEFL, Duolingo and Pearson, as listed here.

    *Those not meeting the above English language requirements are encouraged to consider and English Language programme at INTO UEA in preparation for our degree courses.

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*As part of their 50th anniversary celebration in 2023, the School of International Development has changed its name to the School of Global Development.