Hi, everyone! We are Mai & Huizhi and we are the Chinese International ambassadors here at UEA. 


Hi everyone! I’m Xueyan Li and I’m doing MA Film Studies in UEA now. I have a lot of hobbies, such as reading, playing video games, watching Japanese anime and watching films, of course.  

Before I became a student at UEA, I worked in publishing for three years. As I’m really interested in reading and films, I have dreamed of studying films for a long time. It is books and films that led me to become a fan of Kazuo Ishiguro and Ian McEwan who are famous alumni of UEA. That’s why I chose UEA.  

When I came to UEA, I was full of anxiety and confusion. On the one hand, this is my first time living in a foreign country. On the other, I left school a long time ago, I was afraid that I couldn’t adapt to university life. However, my anxiety and confusion disappeared soon after I arrived at UEA. I made some new friends. They come from different countries, but all of them are kind and friendly. Professors are always full of warmth and enthusiasm in class. As most of my classes are seminars, when we discuss films, I can hear many different and interesting thoughts from my classmates and professors. I always get a lot out of my classes. 

I joined the Creative Writing Society, which is warm and full of friendly students. The society organises writing workshops about twice a month. There were different themes for every workshop. We discussed the books we read and shared our experiences of writing. Every semester, the society organises one or two open-mic nights in the city centre. Some students will read their poems or prose. It is not mandatory, I can just go and listen to other students reading. It’s a challenge for me to try to write in a foreign language, but it’s also wonderful.  

I always go to the city centre at weekends. The most attractive point of Norwich for me is finding so many exquisite bookshops here. Norwich was designated England's first UNESCO City of Literature. I like walking around the city centre and searching for small bookshops. In addition to bookshops, there are many small antique shops and art galleries in Norwich. Every one of them has their own styles. 

I went to the Norwich Film Festival recently. I watched many short films and participated in the Q&A session after the screening. I heard the filmmakers sharing their experiences. It is very interesting. I’m so happy that there are


Hello, I am Huizhi Yang, a student ambassador from China, currently in my third year of undergraduate study at UEA, specialising in Business Finance and Management. My favourite hobby is walking with music. UEA has a very nice natural environment and Norwich is a sunny city. When you walk on the soft lawns, the breeze and the warm sunshine are very relaxing, so I recommend you take a walk on the campus in your spare time! 

I chose UEA because it is a university full of humanistic care. In my past studies, I met a lot of serious and responsible teachers and friendly classmates, all of them were very helpful. Teachers will answer your questions in class with enthusiasm, and students will secretly prepare birthday surprises for me on my birthday. ...... As a foreigner coming here, I was full of confusion and apprehension at first, but it was the warmth of UEA's teachers and students that made me feel very secure in my heart. I am grateful to all of them and I love UEA. 

I joined the school's Frisbee Club, which was a vibrant place. Every week, we would organise to play Frisbee on the lawn in front of the Suffolk Terrace, and at the same time, there was also a competition-style Frisbee training at a fixed time, which improved our physical fitness and made us many good friends at the same time. Not only that, Frisbee is mostly a team competition, and by playing Frisbee activities, we can also develop our teamwork skills. Whether it's the environment, the human touch, or the variety of clubs and activities, there is so much to love about UEA that new students are welcome to explore on their own and make the most of their university life. 

My favourite thing about Norwich is its warm and harmonious atmosphere. A city that once dominated England's history is now silent, but the richness of its history has brought Norwich many beautiful classical buildings. As I walk around the city, I can feel the quietness of history at every moment, which gives me a sense of peace of mind. 

The people of the city are very kind. When I first came to Norwich, I couldn't tell the bus routes apart, and a resident saw my confusion and took the initiative to ask me if I needed any help, and then answered my questions in detail. Whenever you are in trouble, people around you will not hesitate to lend you a helping hand, so that you can feel the warmth even in a foreign land. This point is also what impressed me most about Norwich. 

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Accepted qualifications

  • Holders of the National Senior High School Certificate, Chinese University Entrance Examination or Matriculation Examination can be considered for an INTO UEA International Foundation.

    Applicants who have successfully completed the second year of a Chinese university degree will be considered for direct entry to Bachelor Degree courses or to the INTO UEA International Year One

    Applicants who have taken the Gaokao exam can be considered for direct entry to Bachelor Degree courses or to the INTO UEA International Year One

    Holders of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma or six IB Subject Certificates (including at least three at the higher level) with a minimum total of 32 - 35 points will be considered for direct admission to Bachelor Degree courses. Details of the required subjects and grades for each course can be found in our course catalogue.


  • Holders of a Bachelor Degree from a recognised university will be considered for entry to graduate study. Our Average GPA requirements are from 70% overall for 2:2 programmes and 75% for 2:1 programmes. The exact score required will vary depending on the course applied for and your previous university.

    Holders of a Masters Degree from a recognised university will be considered for PhD study.

    If you are not eligible for direct entry you are encouraged to look at our pathway programmes on campus at INTO UEA. The INTO UEA Graduate Diploma prepares students for several of UEA's Masters programmes. Find out more at INTO UEA


  • All applicants to the University of East Anglia must be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of English language before they can be admitted onto any course or programme.

    The below are guidelines only.  Please be sure to check requirements for your specific course.


    Test Score
    IELTS* 6.0 overall with minimum of 5.5 in each component
    Duolingo 100 overall with minimum of 90 in each component



    Test Score
    IELTS* 6.0 overall with minimum of 5.5 in only two components and 6.0 in the others
    Duolingo 100 overall with minimum of 90 in only two components and 100 in the others


    *We also accept a wide range of other English language qualifications, such as TOEFL and Pearson, as listed here.

    *Those not meeting the above English language requirements are encouraged to consider and English Language programme at INTO UEA in preparation for our degree courses

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