Our Outreach Officers work with partnership schools across Norfolk and North-Suffolk. Hopefully you're already in regular contact with the Outreach Officer dedicated to your school, but if you're not sure who to chat to then get in touch with our team - schoolsoutreach@uea.ac.uk.


Outreach Officers work with a limited number of local schools, based on widening participation targeting.


  • Darren McMorran
    Darren McMorran
    Darren works with 16 local secondary schools and takes the lead on our key stage 2 projects - look out for our Future Stars programme. D.Mcmorran@uea.ac.uk
  • Emily Paterson
    Emily Paterson
    Emily works across 22 secondary schools and takes the lead on engagement activity with parents and carers. Did you know we have a whole section of our website dedicated to Parents and carers. Emily.Paterson@uea.ac.uk
  • Steph Copsey
    Steph Copsey
    Steph is our Pre-16 Outreach Manager so facilitates work across the team while leading on our strategic partnership with City Academy Norwich. S.Copsey@uea.ac.uk
  • Laura Bell
    Laura Bell
    Laura works across 19 secondary schools and takes the lead on gender-specific activity, focussing on developing provision that is suitable for how different genders interact with higher education. Check out our leading boys project here - He Can We Can. Laura.Bell@uea.ac.uk
  • Carrie Tooke
    Carrie Tooke
    Carrie works across 18 secondary schools and takes the lead on our teacher-focused activity, including CPD opportunities. Carrie.Tooke@uea.ac.uk