Supporting your studies

Building confidence. Developing skills. Enabling success.

Whatever your experience over the last 18 months, we're here to support you into being a successful learner at UEA.

You might be feeling worried about starting your university course. And you're definitely not alone.

We know your level 3 studies, be they A-levels, vocational, access courses or something else, haven't been 'normal'. That lack of normality is adding to the already long list of questions that pop up before starting university.

We've put things in place to help you feel confident in your learning ability.

Our pre-arrival online courses and welcome week help you get stuck in to all things UEA.  We also offer everything from student matching services at buddy(su), to specific sessions to meet people just like you, on-demand mental health support, bespoke disability support, additional placements, and the employability-focused UEA Award, and peer-to-peer learning - with lots more in between.

We're committed to making our campus feel like your campus and to you flourishing as part of our community.

This page will be regularly updated with the support available in each school. But for now, know we're here and that we're ready to support you. First year courses will be structured to help you build up your confidence in learning gradually and staff in your school will be available to give you help when you need it. ​

Your questions answered

We all hope that the government will have fully lifted restrictions by September. This means that campus will once again will be the hub of learning for students, with teaching spaces, the library, sportspark and cafes all open. We can't wait! Some learning will be online to give students flexibility but face to face classes will resume in all subjects. 


We know that its been a really hard two years. We have made plans to help you feel confident with learning again - we'll be in touch with pre-arrival online courses and loads of info about welcome week. First year courses have been planned to help students build up their confidence gradually and we have put extra money into Schools so students can get more help from staff. We're here to help you. 

Our preparing for uni MOOC course is totally free and is a great start for transitioning to university, why not give it a go over the summer?

At university, assessments happen in lots of different ways, you can expect coursework, exams, projects and presentations. Students will get help to prepare for assessments and there are practice assessments (called formatives) which help students get feedback on their work before the ‘real thing’ has to be handed in. Every student is assigned an academic advisor they can go to for advice about their course and to find extra help if they need it. ​

If you're keen to know more about assessments at university, we have lots of useful information on exams and academic writing. 

On campus there are lots of different types of teaching, from labs to debates in seminars, from practical work to lectures. Each course will have a variety of opportunities to learn so students can experience a range of teaching and learning styles. Some courses also offer choices in the second and third year so students can follow topics of interest. ​Again, we are here to support you and your academic advisor can offer plenty of advice.

We've got loads of blogs from current students about all sorts of university skills - from referencing, to preparing for lectures, to independent learning and time management. 

We know that the last two years have been like no other. We have been talking to teachers and schools and colleges and we understand. That's exactly why we've planned to help students build their academic skills and confidence in the all the ways we've talked about above.


And that's not all. Click the links below to find out more about wellbeing, learning enhancement and what to expect from life as a UEA student.

Got questions? Chat with staff and students and get the answers you need.