Norway Lanekassen Award

This scholarship is​ an automatic award for students who are a national of Norway and aims to reduce the overall cost of overseas tuition.

The award is an automatic award applied at point of offer and is worth £4,000 per year of full time study at UEA for a maximum of three years.

Type of Course

  • Undergraduate

Funding Type

  • Tuition Fees

Total Value


Years Available

  • 2022


  • International Fees


  • Any

Country / Region

  • International

Applicant’s Nationality

  • Norway

Country of Domicile

  • Any

Application Process

This scholarship is an automatic award for students who are a national of Norway

Eligible candidates will receive £4,000 off each year of their tuition fees. 

The award will not be applied for year in industry or study abroad years.

In addition to this, eligible candidates are encouraged to apply to our International & EU Scholarship Scheme.  Submissions are judged on a monthly basis and successful candidates will have their scholarship applied to three years of full time study, whilst excellent submissions will be considered for £8,000 per year. 

Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions