29 January 2020

My UEA Story: Thao Huynh

My name is Thao Huynh (Huỳnh Ngọc Phương Thảo). I came to UEA in 2014 to pursue a bachelors in Biomedicine in the Biological Sciences department and I am now doing my PhD study. When I was in high school in New Zealand and in the middle of my university application, UEA caught my attention by its reputation in the field of Biological Sciences along with its intensive association with other research faculties and institutes regionally, nationally and globally.

By that time, I was already able to envision myself with numerous opportunities at UEA. Without a second thought, I would like to say that my choice to go to UEA to pursue my degree is among my few right decisions. I feel so grateful that I can also continue my further study here. 

My Bachelor curriculum was really well structured. I had 6 modules every year, covering a vast variety of topics. Surprisingly, they were all interconnected and complementary to each other. I was very happy to see how my knowledge firmly advanced every day. Additionally, at UEA, I acquired a number of necessary skills for my future career via hand-on experiences from laboratory work, clinical diagnostics or interaction with experts in the field. 


School of Biological Sciences