16 February 2021

I am more confident after having completed my MA TESOL at UEA

Four graduates share their experiences studying the MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in the UEA School of Education and Lifelong Learning.

I am more confident after having completed my MA TESOL at UEA. I have more professional knowledge in second language learning and teaching, and I can apply many theories into my own teaching methods.

Lingshuai Zhang

The reason why I chose the MA TESOL is because I wanted to learn about pedagogical methods and compare the educational systems in the UK and China. I also wanted to find new methods for Chinese students to learn English with full confidence.

I am more confident after having completed my MA TESOL at UEA. I have more professional knowledge in second language learning and teaching, and I can apply many theories into my own teaching methods.

I really miss the life at UEA. The professors were willing to help academically and provide advice for my future study and career. At the beginning of my overseas learning experience, I was worried about whether I could handle my life there, but the faculty members gave me a lot of strength.

I also miss the city of Norwich. Even though it is not as big as London, it is cozier, and people are very nice there. I enjoyed the days taking the bus to the University and the sunny days I spent with friends from all over the world.

When I started my Master’s, I was not very clear of what I was going to do after graduation, but now I would like to be an English for academic purposes (EAP) teacher.

Since leaving, I have been looking for a suitable job and I have already had over eight interviews. Because of my postgraduate learning experience, I have got several offers and I am now making a decision which one to accept.


Artenisa Topouzi

My MA has positively influenced my career. I have gained research skills and teaching practices. I have always been a social and talkative person so it was a pleasure for me to meet people from all around the world.

No one can deny that UEA is a university with a well-known reputation. I was lucky to be taught by amazing professionals who always tried to involve students in discussions. I feel grateful to have had help and supportive feedback from the Learning Enhancement Team. CareersCentral provides guidance concerning job opportunities and useful seminars for all Schools. I’d suggest that students should take advantage of everything.

Norwich is a lovely city. I love the endless little shops, cathedral gardens and hidden streets. I miss exploring the city with my friends. I also miss my flat mates.

My advice to new students would be to attend all lectures/seminars, actively participate in group discussions, ask questions whenever they have doubts and engage themselves in additional activities.

I am now working as an EFL teacher back in Greece, my home country, and I am looking to find a job in the UK and continue my studies at PhD level.


Ju Zhao

I actually found out about UEA by word of mouth. I searched for UEA online and found that it had a TESOL course, so I applied for it.

The best day on the course was when I had a seminar, and the professor asked us to sit on the floor and share things with each other. That was extremely unusual in China, and I've learned a lot in terms of classroom interaction and how to communicate with students.

The degree influenced my career a lot as I am using in my classes lots of approaches of classroom interactions which I learned from the course at UEA. Most of my students really enjoy those kind of interactions, which are unusual in China.

It is great that UEA has the program called Buddy SU, and that really helped me a lot. When I first got to Norwich, I didn't know where to go and where to eat, but my buddy helped me. Also, the professors are friendly, and they have definitely helped me a lot through emails or face-to-face tutorials.

After graduating from UEA, I came back to China and found a job as an IELTS listening and speaking teacher. During my job, the knowledge that I gained from TESOL course has come in handy for me. I've helped lots of students to achieve their ideal score so that they can persue their goals of studying abroad.

My advice to new students would be to study hard, and, one day, you will definitely achieve what you want to achieve with your life and just remember that every effort will be paid off in the end.

Thi Le

I have always wanted to be a researcher and a professional lecturer at a university. I also wanted to do research in Linguistic Education. That's why I chose to do a Master in TESOL at UEA.

I have learnt a lot from the professors on the course. They have provided me with in-depth knowledge in Linguistics and Education as well as experiences in reading and research. Working with them is probably the best time I had in my Master’s course.

In terms of skills, I have learnt how to work efficiently under time pressure and how to work in group. My confidence in speaking has considerably enhanced, and I can more successfully state, debate and explain my opinions to others. The professors at UEA have always encouraged us to speak more and tell our own opinions. I have learnt how to be more critical. All the skills and knowledge I have gained from the course are a great use to me as an education researcher. I am proud that I got a dinstinction in all of my modules I took in my Master’s course.

Also, I have made friends with a lot of amazing people around the world. Therefore, I have had the chance to look at the world from different perspectives and become more mature.

Norwich is a lovely and peaceful city. Whenever I felt down, I always took a bus just to go around and look at the city. It brings me calmness in my soul. Norwich is also a colourful city where I met many amazing people.

I am now looking for an opportunity to do a PhD. Luckily, the UEA staff and professors are always supportive even after finishing my course at UEA. They have helped me to find PhD opportunities, to provide me with references and to help me prepare for PhD interviews.


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