MBA Alumni: Yan Zheng

The 2 day team building trip was very useful warm up for the consultancy project and also a fun and wonderful trip.

A series of academic tools about teamwork were introduced afterwards by Ian and Kat from Akoma Consulting. The SDI (Strength Development Inventory) results provided us a shared understanding of communication. We started to distinguish our behaviour with colours of blue, red and green, and it’s suggested to communicate with somebody in their matching colour style. With the featured behaviours of different colours, we could learn to borrow traits from some colours to change our behaviours to better suit the team or deal with any possible conflict, because personality is normally hard to change.

Though the trip was only 2 days, the journey for the whole MBA team still has 6 months to go, and the team spirit we learned from the trip will accompany us and nurture us at our own journey in future. It’s one of the most valuable journeys I have had during my MBA study!

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