MBA Alumni: Rosna Gopalkrishnan

I come from Mumbai, India and have over 3 years of experience as a Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant with a reputable software company in India.

How did the MBA change your life personally and professionally?

When it comes to me and my friends on the MBA, we became one big global family, making sure no one was left out. Of course, our family had their differences, but we also loved, cared, nurtured, and stood up for each other. 

Studying at UEA is one of my best experiences to date. What UEA believes is to develop their students to make them work to their best potential and not create ‘MBA robots’. This was reflected in almost all the modules, and I have to say we had some great discussions which I loved. I was challenged yet excited to go through the process. I absorbed so much that my horizons were broadened; the residential exercise and the consultancy projects allowed me to learn more about myself. I could develop my personality to become a better version of myself and still constantly try and do my best. I would recommend everyone to experience this journey!

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