20 March 2020

My UEA Story: Lauren Holman

LaurenHow has your career developed since graduating?

During my third year at UEA I applied to a graduate programme at my current employer to join the ‘Stepstone Programme’ on a three year training contract to become a chartered accountant. I started off as a Trainee Accountant, preparing basic accounts and tax returns. During the last year I have been promoted to an Assistant Accountant as I became more confident with my role and moved on to more complex tasks. I am on a rotational programme so I am currently auditing clients which means I am visiting different places and have a lot of client interaction. This has definitely helped with my communication skills and confidence levels when interacting with people.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your current role?

One most rewarding aspect of my role is being able to add value to the client. For example, suggesting things that may help with their regularity procedures such as suggesting certain policies they could adopt. Being able to complete a job from start to finish is also rewarding as you know that you have achieved something and made an impact.

What is your greatest achievement since graduating?

My greatest achievement since graduating has been getting my first promotion. It is something I worked really hard for during my first year at Price Bailey. I completed my first level of ACA exams meaning I am now certificate level qualified and have definitely improved my accounting knowledge which has all helped me achieve the promotion.

What advice would you offer to current students interested in working in your field?

If a student wanted to go into accountancy I would definitely suggest researching the courses available to you at the university and knowing which courses will give you exemptions from ACA/ACCA exams which can save a lot of time and stress if you had to take them alongside a full time job.

What do you think are the most important things you learnt as part of your course?

I think the most important things I learnt whilst studying Economics would be the fundamental micro and macro principles. They really helped me understand important topics such as monetary and fiscal policy and how it has been implemented in society. I have a more in-depth understanding of individual consumer choices and why people behave the way they do in certain situations.



How do you think studying Economics at UEA has helped you in your career?

Studying Economics has definitely helped me understand businesses a lot more. For example, pricing arrangements and how successful a business is likely to be based on market conditions and competitors. These are things which have come up in my professional exams and I have been a lot more comfortable learning about them during ACA as I have a general understanding of them from ECO.

What is your favourite memory from studying in ECO?

My favourite memory was studying Development Economics. It was a subject that I found really interesting but enjoyable at the same time as it had elements of Geography in it which was my favourite subject at A-level.

Sum up ECO in one sentence!

ECO is a great all round degree that is an interesting subject and will also allow you to have a choice of a wide variety of career options.


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